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Donation Problems

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Sep 18, 14
There is currently a problem with "Buycraft" in which the commands are not executed when you purchase the packages. This will most likely be resolved sometime today! Sorry for the inconvenience.
Dian3 Ops Sorry Otencraft bought 2 pot bags and 32 gapples sorry
Dian3 Otencrafts pot pag and 32 gapps
C0CK_Blocker I bought 15 spawners on Skyblock and it turned my /fly off and i fell too my death. Can i pleeeez have a refund bacause ...

Prison Reset

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Sep 11, 14
Prison server reset will take place tomorrow (September 12, 2014) at approximately 1-2pm PST. 

Some  Changes:

* New spawn
* No more faulty scoreboard / random key given
* New crates
* Pickaxes made harder to obtain from voting / crates
* Re-worked fortune enchantment
* Possibly a few new mines in replacement of old one, or mines added to prestige ranks
AnimeFans (GundamMister00) I am Xtreme !! , why no add other prestige mines? ...
jospat KEYS CLITCHING FOR ME do something plz
Heroslime10 And the plots, stuf, money and ranks are gonna disapear?

$20 Monthly Buycraft Vouchers

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Sep 3, 14
All eligible August $20 buycraft vouchers have been sent out! You can see your coupon in-game in the hub with /mail read. The winner for the raffle draw this month is "Blakealan123" - Please send me (Dotapurex1) an email on the forums on which "Top Rank" you would like for a server on the network.

Thank you for all those who have voted!
StrafingNoobs im missing my coupon sorry for the lateness of the reply i was on vacation without my computer
msusinek323 i voted over 175 times and never got my coupon ( msusinek323 )
mightyminer13 I did not get my August coupon, but I voted over 175 times. When I go to /mail read, it says I have no mail. Please se ...
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