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I apologize again for the delay on the monthly coupon codes. All codes have been sent to each individual player of those who met the goal of achieving 175 votes. If you are an eligible candidate, you can see the codes by mail in the /hub with the command /mail read.

As for the top rank raffle draw, the winner of this month goes to: creepercreeper52! Keep up the voting this month and earn tons of rewards!
Hontou Still no coupon...
Hontou I voted every single day last month and didn't receive my coupon, the "mail" I have in the hub is from the jun ...
lcvlink saying here because dont know where to put it realy

July $20 Donation Coupons

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Aug 8, 14

Sorry for the delay on the $20 monthly donation coupons. Some inconvenient problem has occurred, therefore delaying the process. The coupons will be distributed this Saturday! - August 9, 2014

blakealan123 The coupons haven't been delivered yet,calm down.
tonynart Um, i also got over 175 votes, actually i got 186 (i think) but i didn't get the coupon. Please get it fixed.
mrmoonboy1111 I had 196 votes and i did not get it I did Some hard work for it Here is the proof http://gyazo.com/172d1d6ad3824054b58 ...

OpFactions Reset

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Aug 7, 14
OpFactions server will reset on August 8, 2014 @ Approximately 3pm PST. Come on and use /Kit reset and have some fun! :)
FreshFlows Hmm u should remove the enderpearl cooldown.
Liquidized Hi Dota, im IceColdPvP. I'm just wondering how long it will take from when you close the opfactions server to it being r ...
NiftyHook I wish to ask if there is Anyway of expanding the world border? Having traveled 10k blocks out almost maxing the last on ...
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