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12 Hour Rollback - Factions.

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Apr 14, 15


Unfortunately, due to unexpected bugs which occured when we implemented our new optimized plugins. It broke some in-game functions and allowed various types of glitches which was then used to get into faction bases. Another type of dupe was also discovered during the process, however we will be patching up all these bugs later tonight and re-implement the optimized plugins. Sorry for the inconvenience if this has afected you, we hope you understand that we are always doing our best to improve the server(s)!

TacoFan5467 Lol just lol lolololol
meyhamman123 can u bann fire works on all serversit make it really laggy when people spam them
meyhamman123 good it has been very laggy and still isnow

Factions Fire Reset!

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Mar 27, 15


It is that time again for a factions reset! There will be a series of major "Gameplay" changes for this up coming map. Some changes are unconfirmed and may change at any given time. If we do revert a change, we will update this post with the change highlighted in green or make another post.The expected given date for the reset will take place on Satuday, April 4 @ Approximately 3pm PST. (Unexpected problems may occur and date of reset may be delayed)

What will be reset:

  • The Map
  • McMMO Levels
  • McMMO Credits
  • Vt Tokens
  • Player inventories, enderchests and vaults
  • Player balance
  • Player sethomes

What will not reset:

  • Player Bans
  • Player donator ranks
  • Players current votes


  • New Spawn
  • Map Size 15,000 x 15,000 (Originally 20,000)
  • Border corners are now unclaimable. Example: http://puu.sh/gSDEN/f93df60c22.jpg - Light purple chunks are where ANY players are able to build.
  • Changing enchantment P5U5 to P4U3
  • Lava flow will be enabled. - Flow slowed 4x (Creating Cobblemonsters WILL result in a ban)
  • Creeper eggs are more rare (Removed in donator kits, and increased prices)
  • Inconsistent bedrock layer has been replaced with a "Flat Surface" -Unfortunately, due to some generation error, the bedrock will not be flat this map :(
  • Stacked pots are completley removed 
  • Cooldown on /feed has been removed
  • Bow boosting has been fixed. (You are nolonger able to boost yourself)
  • We have added donator nametags onto each piece of equipment in the donator kits.
  • Improved our system to prevent V-clips and Phazing
  • Improved our system to prevent player teleportation glitches
  • Spawners cannot be placed above 225y
  • Enchantment sharpness have been capped at level 3 for axes.
  • Removed pvp arenas
  • Removed enchantment crystals: Wither Aspect, Poison and Paralyze. (Unconfirmed change, could possibly nerf them instead)
  • TNT will no longer move incorrectly in water.
  • TNT will no longer be biased based on the direction it is fired.
  • Purchasable Faction/player power (Unconfirmed)
  • Extra donator kit removed
  • Extra armor sets added to some ranks
  • Donator kit cooldown reduced from 4 to 3 days
  • Number of super/regular golden apples in donator kits reduced
  • Sponges will be able to absorb lava
  • Auction start tax added. It will cost $1000 everytime you start an auction

We have optimized and added some new features to our Factions core plugin.

  • A new command /f seechunk added to view chunk borders.
  • A new command /f claimline to claim chunks in lines based on your direction. You can claim a maximum of 20 chunks at once.
  • We have recoded /f warp, it is now much more reliable. Factions can have a maximum of 10 warps set, each warp costs $10000 to set/move.
  • New /f announce command added to set a global faction announcement.
  • We have added a larger /f map displayed in chat when typed

Please comemnt down below if you have any suggestions or would like to input your opinion about these changes! We hope to see many old players and new faces for the upcoming reset! A server reset kit and spawn pvp will be enabled on Monday, March 30.

HitsHard are you sure the map size is 15,000x15,000? it took me only about an hour and 40 minutes to reach it :/
StealthyGamer02 Its a little late to comment i guess , but what happened to warp donator? i loved the donor shop and donor grinder , som ...
WarioCreep And please make insiding bannable it's fucking stupid.

Hunger Games Server Released!

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Mar 6, 15


The long wait is now over! Hunger games have finally arrived with it's first release today! As it's a new addition to our server list, bugs are expected and we hope you can report this on the correct forum sections. All suggestions will also be considered, if you have any ideas you would like to see, please comment down below, or simply make a thread on the suggestion section for "Hunger Games"

Thank you!

skullcandy67111 i saw a hacker too
Thius1234 When will survival be coming out?
outragiosboy14 Dota, I understand that this Isn't faction, but I bought a VIP rank about 5 minutes ago, but the link has not come up o ...