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All servers will be going down today for playerdata UUID conversion today at 11:35pm PST. This maintenance has no set time on when it will be done. You will be notified on the website once it has been complete.

Edit: Server maintenance didn't turn out to be as expected. Another maintenance will be re-scheduled. 
vEraze Well, gl with the fixing dota ...
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1.8 Update news

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Sun at 1:32

As many of you guys have already heard. Mojang will allow players to change their in-game usernames. However, our server will not be supporting name changing upon the release of it. We will support it in the near future as we update all of our plugins to support UUID'S (Universal Unique Identifier), but until then, we advise you guys to not change your usernames. Doing so will result in NOT being able to connect to the server!

What does a UUID do?

A UUID can allow players to change their name that is visible to players, without servers and owners forgetting who the players are. Every player will get a different UUID. Server consoles will see you as your UUID (Server owners can see your UUID as well), while players see you as your own custom names. Your custom name is basically like a nick (If you are familiar with /nick you will know what i mean), except it will show up in the player list and will show your custom name when you join. When you are banned from a server, your UUID will be banned, not your custom name. So if you change your name, you will still be banned.

Glamourious Wait if you change your username do you loose your rank then?
Ender_Wolfs ill Never Stop Playing ...
bwownz048 So, does this mean the reset is going to be at the start of 1.8?
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