It's that wonderful time again! Where Skyblock leaf resets which brings more exciting gameplay changes and new features and most importantly. A fresh start to climb your way to the top of having the highest island level! The server will be supporting clients through 1.7 to 1.9. All new changes and added features will be listed down below in the changelog. The server reset will take place on May 27, 2016 @ 5pm EST.  If you have purchased anything on the store page for Skyblock leaf in the past week, you will be refunded those items. Just make a post hereWe hope to see many returning players and new faces! Spread the word! 

Skyblock dark reset will be held 1 week after skyblock leafs reset which is on June 3, 2016 @ 5pm EST

What will reset:

  • Current map ( Your island )
  • Player inventories, enderchests, private vaults
  • Player balance
  • McMMO
  • vTokens

What will NOT reset

  • Player donator ranks
  • Player kits
  • Player current vote

Changelog (Note: these changes are not set in stone and can change at any time)

  • New map
  • New shop
  • New pvp arena
  • Added enderchests at spawn
  • Added enchantment area at spawn
  • Adding a "/warp quicksell"
  • Added new GUI Auction house (Replaces existing one)
    • Members are allowed up to 1 auction listing at a time.
    • Donators are allowed up to 2+ (Refer to the rank info @
  • Added Market plugin (An additional way to quickly sell off your items)
    • You are able to create a temporary shop at "/warp market"
  • Added Mob stacker
    • Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Cave Spider & Blaze will stack in a 5x5 radius
  • Added rank prefixes to all Donator items
  • Added NameHoverInfo (By hovering over someones name in chat, you will be able to see their current "Online time, Balance & RealName")
  • Added private message notification. (Whenever you receive a message through "/msg" you will hear a pop sound"
  • Added McMMO credits given in Donator ranks
    • Redeem your credits with the command "/Redeem"
    • Obtain the credits by using the command "/Reclaim"
  • Added purchasable companions (pets) in store. (Have no friends? Or simply want to just have someone around you?)
  • Added Custom enchantment crate (Key obtainable through donating or voting & vote drop party)
  • Added new particle effect plugin (Replaces existing one)
    • Particle Trails
    • Block Trails
    • Rain Trails (Ability to change the cloud color and set what item rains)
    • Wings (Ability to set 3 types of color)
  • Added top island NPC statues at spawn (Displays the current top 5 islands)
  • Added a few new island challenges
  • Removed teleportation warmup. (You will be able to teleport instantly) - Teleportation commands are blocked if you are in combat
  • Enabled the usage of "Schematica" mod
  • Adjustments to server vote rewards. (Increased the amount of items given and added / removed a few items)
  • Adjustments to some island challenges. (You should now be able to complete all previous challenges you couldn't)
  • Adjustments to the island block values.
  • Adjustments to shop pricings (Mainly farmable items)
  • Adjustments to Crate rewards
  • Adjustments to the percentage of receiving valuable blocks in the Ore Generator
  • Adjustments to the pricings of vTokens shop (/vt shop)
  • Adjustments to the donator rank kits. (You will now receive better items / more quantity the higher the rank)
  • Adjustments to the donator money kits. (You will now receive more money the higher the rank)
  • Adjustments to the Miner kit (Increased Efficiency level from 7 to 10)
  • Adjustments to the kit cooldown for Star rank. Reduced from 3 to 1 day
  • Adjustments to the kit cooldown for Meteor rank. Reduced from 2 to 1 day
  • Adjustments to the Skyblock team cap size. (Increased from 10 to 15)
  • You will now be able to purchase the Frosty / Spooky kits @ under "Holiday kits" for a limited time

Some store item details may not be updated at this time.

_Genocide Do you know what the sale will be after the reset? (the rank upgrades and stuff)
Thom_Fun Will the sizes of the island change if yes to what if no what will they be ? I just want to plan out my island already ...
Captainjpeg Dota, I've been suggesting you to add more pv's Will you do it?


The server now supports client versions 1.7 - 1.9. This means, you'll be able to connect to the server with either of these versions. However, the server(s) are NOT officially on 1.9 therefore the newest blocks are not yet supported. We do have future plans to officially update some servers, but others will remain on older versions as 1.9 impacts gameplay immensely. We do expect some bugs, but nothing major as it has been stressfully tested by our developers and their testers. 

At this time, the ONLY servers that you'll be able to connect with 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 are "Skywars and Creative"  As these servers are the easiest to update without affecting gameplay or creating game breaking changes. Over the next few days, we'll be updating some more servers to support the versions, but we mainly want to keep some as how they are until we reset the servers. Expect cool features to be implemented as this has opened a lot more options available to us. 

If have any questions, concerns or suggestions. Please feel free to comment down below and we'll try our best to answer it at our earliest convenience. 

Spekt Any news on your 1.9 server?
Charrrrr Will there be some 1.8 based skywars maps then?
DukeBubblesaur Oh.. well i guess it was about time. Since the server is updating is it possible to have things like andesite, diorite, ...


All vouchers for the month "April" has been activated. Thanks to everyone who has been continuously supporting the server!

The top 3 voters of the month are:

  • 0Nikos 
  • _BattleShock & TheRCBasher (Tied For Votes)
  • UnknownBird

The top 3 voters of every month will receive a $50 voucher rather than the $20

*** The raffle draw for the "Vortex" rank goes to "oRyann"  - Congratulations! ***

You will be automatically be entered to the "Vortex Rank" raffle draw when you have voted 75 times.

Voting for the server, you will receive different rewards on each server you login to. If you vote offline, the rewards will be stored until you get on so you won't miss anything! By accumulating a total of 75 votes per month, you will automatically receive a $20 Coupon code that you can use on our webstore @ "" If your purchase is under $20 or equal, you will receive the items absolutely free without having to pay anything!

  • To access your voucher code. Use the command "/Voucher" in-game on any server.

Note: You can ONLY use ONE Voucher code at a time when you checkout. The code is only redeemable ONCE!

Again, thanks for everyone who has voted the server! Good luck to everyone this month!

LaxNerd Moderator congratulations
zeejay00 GG i had 85 votes i was so close.
AirFuzion 1st