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Skyblock Reset + Weekend Sale

Dotapurex1 Owner posted 18 hours ago


It's been a while now since Skyblock - Leaf has had a reset, about 6 months. We have decided that it is time for a fresh start for all players and to welcome back anyone who will be returning for the reset. A scheduled reset for the server will take place on February 6, 2015 (Friday) @ Approximately 3pm PST. Please note, unexpected delays may occur and can delay the reset. If you have any suggestions on what we can add or change on the Skyblock - Leaf server, please comment down below and we'll be sure to consider to make it happen!


Q: What will Reset?

A: Everything including player inventories, money and islands.

Q: What will be kept?

A: All donation ranks will be kept. Other than that, everything else is expected to reset.

Q: Will be have new features?

A: Yes, we plan to add some features back like the "Random Ore Generator" with enhancements. We would love to hear suggestions from you, and we might just make it happen!

Q: Will we get a new spawn?

A: Yes, there will be a new amazing spawn, as we have used the current one for already 2 maps.

Q: Will the banlist reset?

A: Yes, the banlist for ONLY Skyblock - Leaf will reset, allowing all previously banned users to join once again.

Q: Will purchased kits be removed? Example: Kit Spooky, Frosty etc...

A: No, those kits are lifetime


A weekend sale of 25% OFF for ALL servers on the network will last from January 30 (Friday) and ending on February 1 (Sunday) @ 11:59pm PST.


heesy13 Me & serveral others are very bored and dont want to wait one week until the reset, cant you foward it like too 3rd ...
hungercraft753 Could their be a new shop because the old one is very boring and can u add sell signs to everything in the shop. Could ...
hungercraft753 Could you make the reset sooner please!!!!

Hardcore Factions

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Tue at 2:44


Many players have been asking if i was going to make a hardcore faction server these past few weeks and i have come to a decision that i will make this type of server. A lot of players enjoy competitive pvp and challanges as well as showing who is the better player in combat. Before i start working on this server, i would like you guys to give me as much suggestions and ideas as possible to help form this server and feedback on the current ideas i have down below:


* Max Enchantment Prot IV

* Max Enchantment Sharpness V

* No stacked Pots

* No natural healing. (Only able to regenerate health by potions or golden apples)


* Ban death timer? (When you die x amount of times, you will be temporarily banned from the server for x minutes)


Thanks to everyone who contributes to this thread to make a great server!

JDLeanna Could you get Hunger Games and Survival up too? Oh and just wondering for minigames, how many minigames and what miniga ...
21Survivor My ideas: Make god apples only obtainable through in-game purchase for a large amount of money. Protection 2 max. Sharpn ...
GamerNuggets I feel like the Armor and the Weapon enchants should be weaker, not something that is too OP.

Today, i have released a Christmas update on the server. I have added a limited Edition Frosty kit and a limited time Christmas crate!

Limited Edition Frosty Christmas Kit: http://buy.vortexpvp.com/category/363273
** Please read the description of the kit to see the full enchantment levels! **

Limited Edition Christmas Presents: http://buy.vortexpvp.com/category/393635

Please note, the following enchantments can only be obtained with this kit:

Snowy  I: A trail of snow will follow you around. Can be bound to boots.
Jacket I: Health will naturally regenerate 1 second quicker * enchanted armor amount. Can be bound to armor. The maxmium amound is 4 seconds with 4 pieces of armor with the enchant. That is one half heart regenerating every second.
Curse I:  2.5% chance to slow your enemies attack speed for 5 seconds. Can be bound to axes.
Frostbite I - 2.5% chance to freeze your target in ice for 5 seconds. Can be bound to swords. (http://puu.sh/dILjx/84fc0bff7a.jpg)
Frosty I: Shoot snowballs with trails instead of arrows when you fire bows. Can be bound to bows.

The kit has a cooldown of 72 hours(3 days). (Only OpPrison frosty kit has a 5 day)
The kit can only be purchased until the 5th January 2015.
The kit costs $50 for lifetime access. You can purchase it here http://buy.vortexpvp.com/category/363273.  The 50% sale will bring it down to $25.

The Christmas presents can be purchased here: http://buy.vortexpvp.com/category/393635
Note: Please remember to read the description slowly and carefully to avoid confusion!

Please report any bugs with the enchantment / kit! * Reply below *
zmak615 Punch 2 does nothing for the bow.
_GamingLemonFTW_ o Frosty bow does not hit with a flame enchant.
Narrly2002 The frosty bow has enchantment flame, but doesn't set fire to the person hit.