The Lab Minigame! 09/19/2016

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Mon at 2:31

TheLaboratory is a game run by our local science expert, Dr. Zuk! And he needs your help! Dr. Zuk has been working on many awesome new exciting inventions, but they're untested. Are you up for the job?​

On entering TheLab, you will be debriefed on the experiments that Dr. Zuk wants you to perform. Each game will see you play a random 3 of 14 games, with more being added in the near future! Each mini-game will reward you Atoms based on your performance. If you come in first you'll recieve 3 Atoms, second is 2 Atoms and third is 1 Atom. After all 3 games are played, the winners will be chosen. Winners are picked based on the Atoms they have earned those games!

But what experiments will you be playing? Let's find out... Why are you still reading this? We need you! Dr. Zuk needs you! SCIENCE NEEDS YOU!

An optional resource pack is available for download when you join the server. Download this pack if you want a better gaming experience!

The Lab Minigame will be available on the network on Friday, September 23, 2016 @ 5pm EST

We have more big updates coming very soon...!

Cursable this is t bad attempt the server only has 1 PERSON on atm
Surged_ i will win and shoot al da peoples off yayayayayayayayaya at least Vortex added something.
RandomXD4 I love this game... Can't wait to play it!


Today we have finally implemented a new feature that will hopefully cut down on a lot of the hackers across all of the servers. This new feature detects if you're using a proxy / vpn before you login, if you are it kicks you and doesn't let you login. If anybody has any issues logging in, please mail me on the forums stating what your issue is.

We have also changed rule #15.

Rule 15 states: You cannot break serious rules with an alternate account without suffering the same consequences on your main account also.

This has been changed to:

You may NOT play on an alternate account if you are banned on ANY other account on our Network.

Consequences: IPBan or Blacklist with NO chance to appeal or purchase an unban

This rule will take affect on Friday, September 16th at 10AM EST

Now for the fun stuff ;)

You may or may not have heard me say that the data is being collected. Well, it's time for the show. I have been working on our newest Anticheat, called VAC (Vortex Anti-Cheat), better known as Bertha. Bertha will collect all data from schematica reach / autoclickers,  to people attempting to phase or vclip and store it for me to use at a later date. I will be fixing up this system as we go and fix any bugs she may have. Now, if I am online when somebody is using any kind of hacked client, they will be banned on the spot as usual, Bertha just helps me out while I am offline. With that being said,

Welcome to Armageddon Season 1


Thanks for being my test dummies, expect more to come ;)

yungMethodical hmmmm.... aight jelly I get it. lmfao here we go
iMatt So does "Bertha" auto-ban? Or does it basically flag users for you to check and ban once you get back ...
Hoan so everyone on that list got banned correct?


Due to the lack of interest in the "Faction's Ice" server. Today, we have decided to shut the server down and transfer all existing purchased kits and commands to "Faction's Fire"

- In memory of our once beloved server!

Backaboy but i reckon the hunger games server needs some love .. ive never see anyone on that server actually get in a game and ...
Backaboy yeah i lost mine too ... just voted a ton to even get half of it back
Granola_King I didn't get to use my keys on there before it reset... rip :(