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June Voucher + Raffle Draw

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Wed at 1:06


All players who received a June store coupon have now been activated! We appreciate everyone who has voted even if it was just one vote as this helps towards the servers growth. This months raffle draw for the top rank goes to "sammiii" - Please private message me on the forums and tell me which rank you would like. We hope to see many of you guys continue to support the server.


FallenStarz Grats sammiii
Shemglotz I voted 176 times in June and never received my voucher.

Skyblock Leaf Reset!

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Tue at 0:19


We have decided to have an earlier reset for Skyblock Leaf based on many player reqeusts. I think this is a good idea as we have seen a signiticant player base decrease over the past months, one issue being that we currently don't support UUID name changes and that there have been some minor lag. However, UUID name changing will be supported in the upcoming reset, and we hope that the lag issue have been fully addressed due to our new optimized plugins. If there are any suggestions, features or bug please leave a comment down below, we strive to make the server more enjoyable each time! We hope to see many of you guys here once again! Be sure to let your friends know about this upcoming reset!

The reset will happen on Friday, July 3 @ Approximately 2pm PST


  • New Spawn
  • Support UUID name changing (You will be able to change your username without losing your island.)
  • Auction start tax added. You will be charged $500 each time to start an auction.
  • Hoppers will nolonger be craftable. (Will be purchsable through the in-game store and webstore.) 
  • Possibly re-adding an ore-generator which allows random ores to appear in cobblestone generators. 
  • Mob eggs removed from crates. (Will be replaced with other items)
  • Reverting back to old Donator ranks? - Please vote on the poll!
  • Chat color adjustments for the donator ranks.
  • Max player limit for islands increased from 8 to 10.
  • Adding 1-2 more donator ranks? - This came up quite a few times, will leave this based on the Skyblock community. (Please comment down below if you have an opinion about this!)
  • More items will become sellable in the shop.
  • God apple cooldown? - 3 Minutes

What will reset:

  • Player islands
  • Player inventories
  • Player balance
  • Player enderchests
  • Player Vaults
  • VT Tokens
  • McMMO Levels
  • McMMO Credits

What will not reset:

  • Player bans
  • Player donator ranks
  • Player current votes

iNotJarno Still waiting on prison reset
RedPixelKid There can be a rank called " Sapling " which can't fly but can't take fall damage /fd. ?
popcornpople I think you should add a custom enchant plugin it would add a new twist on skyblock and would make that game more fun dr ...

Factions Fire - PowerBoost

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Jun 19, 15


As the last map didn't last fairly long, we decided to give players their powerboost once again for this map. Please be patient!

>> Comment down below with this format! <<

Minecraft Username:

Powerboost Amount:

Transaction ID:

Riot_ Minecraft username: Riot_ I was called Michael_HD when I bought it. Powerboost Amount +25 I don't know which one it is b ...
Dotapurex1 Owner ** Everyone down below should now have their bonus power added **
wtw2545 Minecraft Username:wtw2545 Powerboost Amount:+50 Transaction ID:#0MS33927JG935851R