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This is for anyone who is unaware of the current situation that started yesterday afternoon around 5:30pm EST. Our server is being attacked by crazy little kittens and we're doing everything we can to win this battle. We need everyone's loyalty and support to help us get by this. Please don't be deceived by the cuteness of the kittens!

On a serious note... Our server is being DDoS'ed (Distributed Denial of Service) by a single or multiple group of people that has access to a botnet. We're currently doing everything we can to mitigate these attacks and return the service undisrupted. Thanks to everyone who's been putting up with this and supporting us.

ScribbleDaBadger sup nerds i herd u can ddos
UstarobinHood Its sad, how some no life kids try to mess with all the fun at their moms basement.. I hope we can get rid of it :/
Bradisswag Counter DDoS him back. Its illegal for the person to start DDoSing But its not illegal to DDoS them back YOU have the ri...

Reupload for rewards!

Include in your description!

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Reupload and get Crate Keys on Release!

100+ Subs = 2 Mythical Crate Keys
250+ Subs = 3 Mythical Crate Keys, 1 Custom Crate Key
500+ Subs = 5 Mythical Crate keys, 2 Custom Crate Key

Download Link:

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Comment down below in this section with your youtube link to the uploaded trailer and your Minecraft username. We'll automatically give you the rewards in-game cooresponding to the amount of subs you have.


Factions Fire will reset on August 20, 2016 @ Approximately 5pm EST. We will be doing a "Retro" factions map with some builds that were from the desert map around 2014. (Best times?) The map will include the old spawn, shop and other newer builds exclusive to this map. As previously stated in another post. We have re-implemented the compatibility of 1.7 to the server. You will now be able to connect to the server with client versions 1.7 - 1.10 and future newer client version.

We have decided to do another global ban reset, due to the incident that left many enraged after the announcement of 1.7 removal and many requests to do one. Please abide by the rules this time as we will absolutely not be having another for a very long time. There is also other upcoming gamemodes / servers that you will not want to miss. Good luck! (Blacklisted players will not be unbanned)

UPDATE: All existing bans have been cleared. They will not reset again when the Factions fire reset happens.

What will NOT reset:

  • Donator Ranks
  • Purchased Kits
  • Current Votes
  • Faction Powerboosts

What will reset:

  • The current Map
  • Vtokens
  • Player Inventories, Enderchests and Vaults
  • Player balance
  • Player sethomes
  • McMMO Credits
  • McMMO Levels

Changes & Patches:

  • Global banlist reset
  • 1 week grace period (TNT / Creepers disabled)
  • Desert Spawn from 2014
    • World Size 20,000 x 20,000
    • Nether Size 5,000 x 5,000
  • Old Shop from 2014
  • Custom Warzone
  • New Pagoda KOTH
  • New Beach KOTH
  • 1.7 - 1.10 Minecraft Versions (Re-added 1.7 Support)
  • Added 1.8 Blocks / Biomes (1.8+ to see)
  • Added Iron Golem Spawners to shop
  • Added Iron Golem Spawners to VT Shop
  • Added Iron Golem Spawners to Buycraft 
  • Added Iron Golem Spawners to Mythical Crate
  • Added Rabbit Spawners to shop
  • Added Agility I Enchant to Buycraft
  • Added Agility II Enchant to Buycraft
  • Added Agility II Enchant to KOTH Boots
  • Reduced Skeleton Spawner price to 75k
  • Reduced Zombie Spawner price to 75k
  • Reduced Spider Spawner price to 90k
  • Reduced Cave Spider Spawner price to 90k
  • Reduced MagmaCube Spawner price to 100k
  • Reduced Wolf Spawner price to 60k
  • Reduced Sheep Spawner price to 50k
  • Reduced Mushroom Cow Spawner price to 90k
  • Reduced Creeper spawner price to 400k
  • Reduced Gun Powder price to .50cents
  • Reduced TNT price to 2.50$
  • Reduced Beacon price to 500k
  • Increased Iron Ingot and Block sell price
  • Increased Hopper price to 15k
  • Removed GunPowder from /Sell hand
  • Removed TNT from /Sell hand
  • Fixed Lava sourcing
  • Fixed East to West cannon bug
  • Fixed a few bugs with enderpearls

Faction Changes:

  • Increased default player power from 20 to 40
  • Replaced old "/f fly" with newer version (Available to all members for the first week of release) - Exclusive to Supernova, Galaxy and Vortex Ranks. 
    • Cotains many bug fixes old version had
    • Added /f stealth - When activated, enemy players around you will not have their flight disabled
  • Added /Stacker - When activated, you can create cobblestone pillars. Cooldown of 60 seconds.
  • Added /wild (Teleports you to a randomly location in the wilderness)
  • Adjustments made towards the block value in "/f top"
    • Various bug fixes

Mystery Crate Changes:

  • Custom Crate
    • Added Agility I Enchant
    • Added Agility II Enchant
  • Mythical
    •  Added Emerald Blocks x128
    •  Added Hoppers x10
    •  Added Spooky Kit (1 time)
    •  Added Frosty Kit (1 time)
    •  Added Miner Kit (1 time)
    • Increased Money from 30k to 150k
    • Increased VT's to 125
  •  Rare
    • Added Emerald Blocks x64
    • Added Hoppers x5
    • Increased Money from 15k to 75k
    • Increased VT's to 50

Player Kit Changes:

We have changed the potions around in the kits to make them more usable to just do your kit and go out and get into the action.

  • 2x Speed Potions II splash
  • 2x Strength Potions II splash
  • 1x Fire Resistance Extended
  • 1 Regeneration II splash
  • 13x Instant Health II

New Raid Event

  •  A raid base will be spawned in, it will have X amount of walls
  •  You will have to cannon into this base using your own tnt and supplies
  •  This base will be spawned in at a random location on the map, coords will be broadcasted in chat
  •  There will be multiple locked chests inside of each base that you will have to blow open
  •  The loot chests will be full of Armor, Weapons, Keys, Ect

UPDATE: (8/20/16)

We have added a new plugin that limits how many pieces of sand can be shot at once. The most sand that you can stack at once is 80 sand.

We have also made it so that Iron Golems will NOT drop poppies. (Will be added to all servers at a later date)

Los Angeles (USA - California) Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 2:00 PM PDT / PST
Cleveland (USA - Ohio) Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 5:00 PM EDT / EST
London (United Kingdom - England) Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 9:00 PM GMT
Melbourne (Australia - Victoria) Sunday, August 21, 2016 at 7:00 AM AEDT

Muknay Mod Muknay
DarkTrainer45 IGN: DarkTrainer45
AssassinManPlays IGN-AssassinManPlays


About 2 months ago, we announced that 1.7.x would be discontinued on our server. As you may have already guessed from the title. We have developed a way to continue allowing 1.7.x clients to connect to the server. As most current gamemodes on our server do not have an exceeding popularity for 1.7.x clients except for faction servers. We will firstly begin the process of making the "Faction Fire" server handle 1.7.x - 1.10 client users and gradually have the other servers adapt to this as well.

With that all being said. Lets get into the more exciting news!  It's surely been a while since we last had a map reset for "Faction Fire." Although the map went well. There were issues that affected the gameplay some users experienced. For instance the issue with lava flow that would source up on the east side of the map. This was an unexpected issue that was uncontrollable on our end and later found out this was a Minecraft bug. However, all known bugs have been fixed including the most crucial one mentioned above. Faction's Fire reset will take place on August 20, 2016 @ 5PM EST. See you all there!

Lastly, NameMC has recently released a server list that displays the top servers with the most likes. Please take a few seconds to visit this page: NameMCThank you!

Changes / Patch notes will be posted this Saturday. (August 13, 2016)

Changes / Patch notes will be posted this Sunday. (August 14, 2016)

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