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Prison Reset

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Thu at 18:20
Prison server reset will take place tomorrow (September 12, 2014) at approximately 1-2pm PST. 

Some  Changes:

* New spawn
* No more faulty scoreboard / random key given
* New crates
* Pickaxes made harder to obtain from voting / crates
* Re-worked fortune enchantment
* Possibly a few new mines in replacement of old one, or mines added to prestige ranks
Heroslime10 And the plots, stuf, money and ranks are gonna disapear?
that1eaglesfan New spawn - Awesome. Pvp should be epic Faulty scoreboard fixed - Obviously great to have. Random keys were a bit op t ...
pure_skill_will I know reset was to nerf things but like listen.People who pay irl money no matter if its gangster,Pimp,physco or ki ...

$20 Monthly Buycraft Vouchers

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Sep 3, 14
All eligible August $20 buycraft vouchers have been sent out! You can see your coupon in-game in the hub with /mail read. The winner for the raffle draw this month is "Blakealan123" - Please send me (Dotapurex1) an email on the forums on which "Top Rank" you would like for a server on the network.

Thank you for all those who have voted!
StrafingNoobs im missing my coupon sorry for the lateness of the reply i was on vacation without my computer
msusinek323 i voted over 175 times and never got my coupon ( msusinek323 )
mightyminer13 I did not get my August coupon, but I voted over 175 times. When I go to /mail read, it says I have no mail. Please se ...

Faction server reset

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Aug 31, 14

A lot of you guys have been wondering when the faction map will reset, due to the ruined economy, dupes, and all that such! Well, I am happy to announce that, the server will reset on Saturday ( September 6, 2014 ) @ around 1-2pm PST. This reset won't contain the most updates, but some slight little changes will be made, including a couple new features to be added. I hope to see many of the old players returning as well as many few faces!

Note: The current list have a possibility on being changed!

Some Changes:

* New map
* New spawn
* Playervaults Reset
* Economy Reset
* New lucky crates ( Keys )
* New vote rewards
* New scoreboard ( Right-side of screen )
* Other small changes

Stuff that won't reset:

* Donation Ranks...

If you have any suggestions / opinions, please post in the comments! I will be sure to read them all and take them into consideration. 
hipatrick55 *Cough Cough* bans *Cough Cough*
Rickey40 Another point on the mcmmo. That's meant to carry on for months and months, hence why its soo hard to lvl up. So just do ...
goose_hunter keep mcmmo pls
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