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Way too long....

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Mar 13, 14
Disrespect to staff members and constant spam messages have gone far too long within the community in-game, and on the forums. I won't be afraid to admit it, but we have one of the most childish and disrespectful communities out there. To eliminate this problem, we will have to get rid of the source. We all understand that this is just a game, but the people you're playing with, are real people.

1. Any disrespect to the staffs will result in a warning or ban from the forums. In regards to in-game, you'll fit into one of the following: Warning / Mute / Tempban and a ban depending on the excessiveness or frequency of your doing.

2. Excessive harassment towards regular players on the forums or in-game will also lead to the following mentioned above. A little flaming towards each other is fine, but nothing too excessive, in which will lead to a matter that we will deal with.

3. In a couple days, we will have a new staff promotion system which follows: Helper -> Mod -> Mod+ -> Admin. Some of the permissions will be modified to have more leverage in-case of staff abuse. This reason behind why it takes so long for someone to be promoted for the next staff rank, as I have mentioned in several threads, but here it is again. We want to be absolutely sure that, this person we're promoting will not abuse to protect you players from being a victim. Our server is a large and thriving community, we don't want to be apart of the other communities that have rude and abusive staffs. "But some staffs that you currently have are rude and disrespectful!" I assure you that, it will not happen to you again from the same staff member, else demotion will be instantly handled without hesitation if sufficient proof is provided. And finally... Yes, we will have some new staff promotions to test out the new functionality of the system that we think are ready for it.

If you think, you have what it takes to become a staff member of the Vortex Network, then apply today and show us what you're capable of!
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Bad packets, And Other Errors

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Mar 4, 14
Over the past month, we've noticed that, many players have been getting io.netty and bad packet errors. To help us fix this issue, we need you guys to post screenshots of any errors you guys get. Also, state which server you get the error on. Please reply to this thread!

daystar55 http://gyazo.com/f98f6505357fe9a33a11b37748727ae9 ...
SyrumX Here's another one. Slightly different. not sure if this one is also Mojangs fault. http://gyazo.com/f25f4c9e124f0cfc16 ...
SyrumX srry should i be posting links only? or hiding it or something?
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