Server(s) Factions Fire, Factions Ice, OpFactions, OpPrison have been Reset! Global Ranks have also been added! & 50% SALE!



It seems that some players that had Donor ranks on OpPrison have received the incorrect ranks. If you were one of them, comment down below with the format provided below.Please be patient while we work on the issue as we have many things to tend for. Prison server will remain whitelisted until the reset tomorrow (Friday)

Current MInecraft Username: 

Previous Minecraft Username(s):

Prison Rank:

== Please list all previously MC names you had if you have ever changed your username ==

Note: Attempting to lie will not work here. If we don't have a record of your purchase on our history, you will not receive the rank.

ItsJoeFTW POSTING ON BEHALF OF A FRIEND! Current MInecraft Username: LeczR Previous Minecraft Username(s):LewisLeighton Prison ...
CORRUPTEDFLESH Current Name:UNKNOWSOULS Previous Name:FreakShowXYZ Rank:He had Hustler
LostProdigy24 Hey I just got back on prison and I had theifrank and now it's not there my in game name is LostPrdoigy24

Vote amount reduced for voucher

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Tue at 1:40


We're currently aware that the "Minestatus" vote link isn't currently working. We have reduced the vote amount required to obtain a voucher code from 175 votes down to 160. The raffle draw has also been combined with the reward of 160 votes. Once you hit this mark, you will automatically be entered for a raffle draw for a chance to win "Vortex" global rank.

TheRussianMafia Awesome! Thank you!

OpPrison Bag

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Sun at 18:29


We're currently aware of the problem with the bags which says:

The issue will be addressed soon and will function normally as before. If there are anymore known issues beside this one. Please comment down below.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. 

Dotapurex1 Owner The bug should now be fixed.