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A scheduled reset for Factions(1) will take place on December 19, 2014 @ Approximately 3:30pm PST. A /kit reset has been added temporarily for use to obtain armor, weapons, potions and more for the use of PvP. The kit will be removed once the server's been reset.

We currently have lots of features that are going to be added, but will be added in a few days to a week into the reset. Once the features have been completed, we will post a complete overview and explanation.

Things that will reset:
  • The map
  • Contents of your player inventory
  • Contents of your playervault
  • Contents of your enderchest
  • Your balance (Money)
  • Your pending McMMO credits (/credits, /redeem)
  • VT Tokens (/vt)

Things that will not reset:
  • Your "Donor Rank"
  • Your access to particle effects
  • Player bans
  • Current votes
  • Access to purchased kits "/kit battleset, /kit halloween"
Things that we will remove from the server:
  • Corrosive TNT (Possibly we will add something in exchange for this)

Christmas / Winter sale throughout all the servers on the network will also take place on Friday. A 40-50% discount will be applied!

The planned reset is on "December 19, 2014 @ 3:30pm (PST), but please keep an eye on the forums as the schedule may change with given notice.

Have suggestions? Comment down below and we will do what we can to make it happen if feasible!

ishaan11223 Is the mcmmo stats are gonna be reset?
vzmichaelzv christmas kit like the halloween but christmas
CakeDoesMC Just a thought.. Free Christmas Crate Keys? But in all seriousness you should put a really nice discount on christmas e ...

OpFactions Reset!

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Dec 10, 14

The following date have been scheduled for an OpFactions reset: December 12 @ Approximately 3:30pm PST. A /kit reset has been added temporarily for you to obtain armor, weapons, and food to use for PvP. This kit will be removed on the reset.

Patch Notes: 

( Will Be Available Soon. )

If you have any suggestions before the reset, please comment down below!

Note: Features you suggested will be considered and if accepted will be implemented in a couple days to a week after reset.
_raddical__ Add the end like this. Add a public end portal with safezone somewhere really far from spawn on ground level, and it is ...
2Izzy Can u reser server today plss
ExtremeMnstr Hey can you please fix the vote lagging problem and you should have so that the people who buy kits should get the ones ...

Skyblock - Dark Released!

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Nov 26, 14

I am happy to inform you the release of another server "Skyblock - Dark" As the current
Skyblock - Leaf server has thrived at an astounding pace! We decided that a second skyblock server is necessary to uphold the future player base.

The spawn and sky is customized to a dark look, and the current features are about identical to the current Skyblock - Leaf, but we plan to add their own unique features! We are opened to all suggestions and would appreciate if you could give us some to make the server(s) even better!

- A better vortex, a better life :)
gregswat brendenL98 hacks he should be banned from prison
Buckle_up I say dota adds corrosive to a kit I, or a complete sperate kit that you get less often tahn spooky, AND that corrosive ...
imGully Hello Dota, I have heard that you WONT be removing corrosive this map, and I believe I, like many others, will be quitti ...