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Hardcore Factions

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Feb 11, 15


Many players have been asking if i was going to make a hardcore faction server these past few weeks and i have come to a decision that i will make this type of server. A lot of players enjoy competitive pvp and challanges as well as showing who is the better player in combat. Before i start working on this server, i would like you guys to give me as much suggestions and ideas as possible to help form this server and feedback on the current ideas i have down below:

 ( These ideas are not final, give me some suggestions! )

* Max Enchantment Prot IV

* Max Enchantment Sharpness V

* No stacked Pots

* No natural healing. (Only able to regenerate health by potions or golden apples)


* Ban death timer? (When you die x amount of times, you will be temporarily banned from the server for x minutes)


Thanks to everyone who contributes to this thread to make a great server!

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TNT Fill Command

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Feb 5, 15


We have released our first purchasable command on our webstore @ buy.vortexpvp.com. This command allows you to fill up multiple dispensers at once with a simple command. Instructions: Run the command (/TNTFill) to open up a GUI interface. Take the TNT in your inventory and place the amount of TNT you would like to use up. When you close the interface, the TNT will then be placed into ALL dispenesers evenly in a 15x15 radius around you. ( Quick and easy for filling up cannons )

This command is purchasble for the following servers, under the category "Commands" This command currently costs $15 but with the current 10% discount, the price is $13.50.

  • Factions
  • Factions2
  • OpFactions



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A while ago, mojang mentioned that, you'll be able to change your Minecraft username in the near future. Tomorrow is the day they allow this feature (Februrary 4, 2015) unless they experience any difficulties and may delay the feature.The point of this thread is, our server(s) currently is 99% compatiable with this new MC name changing feature except for our "Skyblock Leaf/Dark Server" If you wish you keep your islands, please don't change your username until we can implement the change. If you don't play Skyblock, you may change your usernames as all other servers on the network such as: "Factions, OpFactions, OpPrison, Creative etc..." supports the change.

Thank you!

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