OpPrison Reset

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Fri at 1:23


When we announced the server reset for "OpPrison" on December 16, 2015. A majority of you guys were upset that the server was about to have a reset too early, so we decided to delay the reset for another 2 months. We now believe that it's been delayed long enough and have planned a reset date for February 19, 2016.  A changelog will be posted once we have finialzed everything. Some things you could expect to happen are:

  • New Spawn
  • Mine(s) Pricing Changes
  • Rank Name Changes
  • New Prestige System "/Prestige"

We hope to see many old and new players mining for their freedom!

All suggestions and feedbacks are more than welcome'd. Please let us know by commenting down below and we'll try our best to make it happen for this reset!

InfernoGamer3202 I have one question do we keep things like /kit spooky and all that jazz. I am just wondering cause i would be lost with...
Vikingg Support Get rid of the A, B, C, D mines, and just add a warp fps. Maybe add multipliers since you're taking away bags..
GrovyDongsaeng T-Support Here's a suggestion. Get rid of bags completely. ktnxbai o/

Valentine's Day Sale

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Fri at 0:31

 Grab your lovers a gift! Click here to shop now. 

Sale ends February 15, 2016

ISplitYourSister fucking sell out xDD
railways I dont have any lovers :(

February Staff Promotions

Jelly Admin posted Tue at 19:59


How promotions will work as of now:

All applicants that get accepted, will be made Trial-Support for a 2 week period. After the 2 week period you will be reviewed once again based on how active you are, how helpful and useful you are ingame and how active you are on forums, and if you are deemed ready for a promotion then you will be promoted to Support. If we think you are not needed, you will be demoted.

Here is who we picked for our February promotions!

Name - Main Server

Hurlzaz - Factions Fire

Camzanno - Skyblock Leaf / Factions Fire

Luckyboyy123 - Factions Fire

eaglez - Kitpvp / Factions Fire

Hexagons - Kitpvp / Op Factions

GrovyDongsaeng - Prison


If you are caught hassling the staff members just to try and piss them off, there will be consequences.

If you have an active application and it wasn't accepted, please do not feel discouraged you will still have a chance next time.

Lemonss Wow and you didnt choose me :(
Munkay Trial-Mod #ThatSoRaven confirmed !!!!