All vouchers for the month "April" has been activated. Thanks to everyone who has been continuously supporting the server!

The top 3 voters of the month are:

  • 0Nikos 
  • _BattleShock & TheRCBasher (Tied For Votes)
  • UnknownBird

The top 3 voters of every month will receive a $50 voucher rather than the $20

*** The raffle draw for the "Vortex" rank goes to "oRyann"  - Congratulations! ***

You will be automatically be entered to the "Vortex Rank" raffle draw when you have voted 75 times.

Voting for the server, you will receive different rewards on each server you login to. If you vote offline, the rewards will be stored until you get on so you won't miss anything! By accumulating a total of 75 votes per month, you will automatically receive a $20 Coupon code that you can use on our webstore @ "" If your purchase is under $20 or equal, you will receive the items absolutely free without having to pay anything!

  • To access your voucher code. Use the command "/Voucher" in-game on any server.

Note: You can ONLY use ONE Voucher code at a time when you checkout. The code is only redeemable ONCE!

Again, thanks for everyone who has voted the server! Good luck to everyone this month!

LaxNerd congratulations
zeejay00 GG i had 85 votes i was so close.
AirFuzion Support 1st


We have decided to add an extra day to the Grace period due to the downtime we encountered on Wednesday. The Grace period will now end on April 10, 2016. @ 11:59PM EST. During that time, the /fly command will also be removed only allowing the ranks "Supernova, Galaxy, and Vortex" or players with the purchased command to continue using it.

" Grace Period " - Is when TNT / Creepers explosions are disabled for 1 week after the reset.

IIRaffiII Why end of next weekend i want to get eclipse with 20$ voucher ;-; pls dota <3
P4PI When does the sale end?
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Just to clear things up for tomorrows Faction's Fire reset. We won't be supporting 1.9 client users. (Probably not that many using) but for those who would like to play on the server would need to downgrade their client to 1.7.x or 1.8.x.  - If you don't know how to downgrade your client refer to this link: Downgrade 


When you start up the Minecraft Launcher, select "Edit Profile", and under "Version Selection", there will be a drop-down labeled "Use version:". Select the appropriate version for your server from there.

Varies depending what client you use.

1.8 Blocks also won't be supported, as we're keeping the server backend to be 1.7. The 1.8 block support will most likely be added in the near future, but for now, enjoy all the new features we have to offer. (1.8 client users will be able to see 1.8 generated blocks around the map, but they will drop "cobblestone" rather than the block itself)

Incase you missed the changelog, it can be found here


Q: Will server be ready for the reset?

A: Yes, we have everything ready to go!

Super_piggyman so did bans reset or was it april fools?
Knowles_ Why the fuck you lying, why you always lyin'... MMMMHMMM Oh my god, stop fuckin lyin
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