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Faction Tooltips

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Wed at 23:48

Today, we have added a few useful tool tips for Faction Server ( Factions, Factions2, OpFactions) . Here are the examples:

* You can hover over anyone's name in the chat and see the information about them. You can also click on their name to see their faction information:

* Hover over anyone's name in "/f who" to see when they were last seen online:

* You can click on a pending invitation request in chat and join that faction:

spacemarine114 thats cool
Zelicz Lol, Dota did you invite yourself to Hype ...
blakealan123 This is pretty badass, thanks Dota.

Spooky Sale

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Wed at 3:03

For this month "Spooky Sale* donations are currently discounted by 30%. This sale will end on October 31st at 11:59pm. You can proceed to our online store page to donate @ http://buy.vortexpvp.com

Available Payment Methods:

* Paypal
* Paymentwall ( Credit/debit cards, prepaid gift cards, bank transfers, phone/mobile, and more...)
* Google Wallet

goose_hunter 2spooky4me.
Scott218 Dotapurex1 you says paymentwall allows use of phone/mobile but you cant use it so i cant rank upgrade Platinum - Ultimat ...
Racoonhat09 I was just planning on purchasing something very soon, and then I saw this! That's even better! ...

An alternative option has been added for donating, upon many requests that another option was to be implemented other than only having paypal. Paymentwall is global payment service provider, in which you can use various different options to donate.


Step1: Visit "buy.vortexpvp.com'
Step2: Add your desired package(s) to your cart 
Step3: Proceed to checkout and select "Paymentwall / Google Wallet "
Step4: Select / Enter the requested information!
Step5: Finished!

( Pictures don't show all the options )

EDIT: Google wallet also added!
TheFynest Aw yeah... THIS IS EPIC! Lets all feed Dota!!
madgunner0 Do coupons also work for company's like cvs
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