July Vouchers + Raffle Draw

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Aug 1, 15


All vouchers for July has been activated! The raffle draw for the highest rank on any server goes to "SssniperGames" - Please private message me with your choice of rank. Thanks once again for all those who have supported by voting.

Optimistic_ GG SssniperGames Congrats on your win!
Workinq Mine says this! PLEASE HEEEEELP! ...

Skyblock Dark Reset!

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Jul 11, 15

COMPLETED - Brand new map!


The time has come for a Skyblock dark reset! The planned date for the reset will happen on Wednesday, July 15 @ Approximately 2pm PST. If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment down below!


  • Support UUID name changing (You will be able to change your username without losing your island.)
  • Auction start tax added. You will be charged $500 each time to start an auction.
  • Hoppers will nolonger be craftable. (Will be purchsable through the in-game store and webstore.) 
  • Random Ore Generator. (When mining from a cobblestone generator, there will be a chance to obtain different types of ores.)
  • Mob eggs removed from crates. (Will be replaced with other items)
  • Max player limit for islands increased from 8 to 10.
  • More items will become sellable in the shop.
  • God apple cooldown - 3 Minutes

What will reset:

  • Player islands
  • Player inventories
  • Player balance
  • Player enderchests
  • Player Vaults
  • VT Tokens
  • McMMO Levels
  • McMMO Credits

What will not reset:

  • Player bans
  • Player donator ranks
  • Player current votes
Knowles_Gaming_ Add Dota... Lets be honest, you know me and I will actually donate 500 dollars like I have 2 times already
Knowles_Gaming_ Dota if Op Factions is reset within a month.... I will donate 500 dollars 10 minutes after said reset

Server connectivity issues.

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Jul 3, 15


As many of you guys can tell that, the server is currently experiencing some latency issues. Some of you may not be able to connect, but our service provider is working hard on this issue atm. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully this will be resolved soon! We'll keep you guys updated as we gather more information. Thanks for understanding! 

[July 11,2015] Status Update #2: We have implemented a temporary solution to fix the connectivity issues. Connection drops have been eliminated and all players should be able to connect.

Koreanito I cqn join now ...
Koreanito help DotaPurex1 I cant join help me pls
DragonZ2 Did you change the port to the Server? Because I cant join now.