Proxy Connection Issues

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Nov 3, 15


We're currently aware of some users experiencing some issues not being able to connect to the server. I've been speaking to our provider and they're currently looking into a solution for it. If you're one of the person having the issue. Please comment down below with filled in answers:


Internet Provider:



Location: USA, New York

Internet Provider: Verizon

Other: I can connect, just it takes a while. / Ping is higher than before.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

BDP01 Australia: Telstra 5000ms isnt fun
Sir_AlvinexCool Location: Netherlands, Venlo Internet Provider: Ziggo Other: I can connect, it dont shows the server is online ...
Dotapurex1 Owner Problems should now have been resolved.


All vouchers for the month "October" has been activated. Thanks to everyone who has been continuously supporting the server!

The raffle draw for the highest rank goes to "TheYoloMcSwag"  - Congratulations!

By voting for the server, you will receive different rewards on each server you login to. If you vote offline, the rewards will be stored until you get on, so you won't miss anything! By accumulating a total of 175 votes per month, you will automatically receive a $20 Coupon code that you can use on our webstore @ "" If your purchase is under $20, you will absolutely receive the items for free without having to pay anything!

TheYoloMcSwag i aint no nerd
LochyLane did the nerd win OMG
NinjaOfTheMines Congratz to the randy ...

HungerGames Server Reset

Dotapurex1 Owner posted Oct 27, 15


The HungerGames server will be having a reset this upcoming Friday, October 30, 2015. We will also be reducing the amount of maps we have as a lot of them weren't played when we released them. If we find it necessary to re-add more maps, then we will. Comment down below on which is your favourite map and we will try to keep it avialable on the reset. All the scores will reset which consists of "KIlls, Points, Deaths etc..." All current bugs we know will be fixed. If there are any bugs that you know, please comment down below. 

Thank you!

Arya11111 It won't let me connect to op factions so plz hurry up i really really want to play.... my mc name is Arya11111
MisterNutz Hi my ign is SenpaiNutz well that's one bug on my account and on hunger games my star/meteor/comet kit is gone and all m ...
54s how do i get the coins that my rank said id get?