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Hey guys! first up would like to introduce myself, I'm Ryan and I will be doing basically everything alongside @Harry and the rest of the team. Before anything, I would like to address a question I have seen going around.


We understand that the two most recent releases of factions have not been the best, this does not mean we are giving up or anything of the sort. We plan on fixing any bugs and or issue that the map currently has, after which we will continue to staff and make sure everything is ok for the remainder of that map. Next map is still a long way away, but just know you can expect some great things to come. Retro map anyone?


During the next 3-4 weeks, I and the rest of the management team will be moving our focus over to skyblock, this is for the best. Our main goal is to have 2 SkyBlock servers and would rotate between them both. This would largely increase the player base as there will always be a map up and running, once one starts to settle down the other one would open and we would keep repeating the process adding new features every map.


Prison, KitPvP, creative/cannon.. I have noticed they are the main things being spoken about, and yes it is definitely something to consider, as of right now there are no plans for any of the 3 but...
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Comet Planet BETA

Hey everyone!

The Comet Planet BETA is now open until Saturday. Anyone who applies at will automatically gain access to the planet and be able to help us out with testing.

When logging in to the planet you will automatically have Vortex rank and unlimited use vortex kits + /reclaim to test all features.

Please leave any feedback and issues in the comments below so we can take care them before the official release on Saturday!


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Hey everyone,

I would like to start this announcement by apologising to you all for the poor state of the servers after the revamp released. Unfortunately we encountered a ton of unexpected issues which we were unable to get fixed as quickly as we should have due to the majority of the management team, including myself being away during the first couple of weeks of the network being released.

For those not in our Discord server, after discussing the problems with the staff team and the community, we made the decision to halt the payouts for the current maps and re-release the servers with all the issues fixed two weeks ago due to the severity of some of the problems.

I am happy to be able to announce today that the date and time we will be re-releasing the servers is Saturday 8th September at 3PM EST. All payments made since the revamp has been released will be re-issued after the servers release and you will get all of your items back as soon as you login.

I have included full changelogs for all of the servers below and have also highlighted some of the key changes we have made to the servers.

Custom Enchantments
Due to the majority of the community not liking the new enchantments, we have removed all of them from the new enchantment system and replaced them with rewritten versions of the old enchantments which I have listed below.

Paralyze (skyblock only)
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Hey everyone!

We have another server update full of bug fixes on the network and the new monthly crate for this month. Sorry for such a short update, There will be a bigger more informative one in the upcoming weeks so prepare for a huge content update.

Monthly Crate [Factions & Skyblock]
Here is the second monthly crate we’ll be releasing this time for August! We’ve introduced a few different rewards for this crate and hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as the first one.

Skyblock August Crate

Factions August Crate


Misc. (Bug Fixes and Other)
  • Setup Ads
  • Add Gift Card Packages
  • Increased Hopper limit to 2500 / Adjusted Buycraft accordingly
  • Fixed not being able to do /xp
  • Fixed duplication exploit(s)
  • Added /SpawnerPrices
  • Fixed Zombie Pigmen spawners not working correctly
  • Fixed Spawners not dropping when mined
  • Changed Sandstone prices
  • Fixed two shop exploits
  • Fixed truces been able to hit one another
  • Added auto melon breaker
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Vortex Revamp Trailer

Hey everyone!

It’s here! We are excited to release the trailer for the upcoming revamp today!

Anyone who reuploads our trailer on to their YouTube channel will receive the rewards listed below. The rewards vary based on the amount of subscribers your channel has and you must use the provided video title, description and tags we have provided below. Link your reupload in the comments below and you will receive your rewards once the server releases on Saturday. You can download the trailer at

I have attached a download link and instructions on how to reupload the trailer below.

0-50 subscribers: 1 Unique Key
50-150 subscribers: 1 Elite Key
150-300 subscribers: 2 Unique Keys + 1 Elite Key
300-350 subscribers: 3 Unique Keys + 2 Elite Keys
500+ subscribers: 4 Unique Keys + 3 Elite Keys

VortexPvP Revamp - Saturday 28th July!

Releases Saturday 28th July at 5PM EDT / 2PM PDT / 10PM BST!

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