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Cloud, Moon, Plasma | EXP -> Tokens, Iron Golem Pet, Wings, Jump Pads, Acid Enchantment, + more!

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Hey everyone,

Let's jump right into today's weekly content update, which applies to all three servers under the Vortex umbrella. In other news, you can expect news regarding the next season of Factions coming shortly!

Update Details
This update adds the much requested EXP -> Tokens feature on Plasma, a new pet, a new form of cosmetic, buffs to existing content, jump pads, a new prestige enchantment, and more:

Monthly Crate Bonus & Code Update
From now until Sunday, July 21st at 11:59 PM EST, all Monthly Crate purchases (both Tier 1 & Tier 2) will come with an additional, free bonus crate. This means you'll get two crates for the price of one.

Additionally, you can use code Update for an additional 5% off your cart at checkout for the same time period that the Monthly Crates have (11:59 PM EST on...

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