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Cloud & Moon | Galactic Rank, Ban Reset, Cannon Planet, New Enchantment Tier, Delivery Man, Island Alts, Store Update, Island Vaults, + more!

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Hey guys!

We're here for as usual for our third content update for Skyblock Cloud. Payouts will be taken tomorrow at 6 PM EST as a reminder for those competing. Additionally, Factions Moon releases tomorrow at 3 PM EST! Read more about the reset at

Update Details
With this update, we're introducing a new enchantment tier for the Toxic enchant, introducing the delivery man, and upgrading several island specific features, alongside the usual bug fixes.

Galactic Rank
The global, Galactic rank has been added to our Store. You can either buy this rank standalone, or upgrade to it if you hold one of the top ranks on either Skyblock or Factions (Cloud or Moon rank). This rank will give you...

Skyblock Cloud | Cosmetics, Toxic Enchantment, Space Coins, Aliens, + more!

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Hey everyone,

It's time for our second weekly content update! We're working hard as always to deliver fun and exciting expansions to the server every week, in an effort to keep things fresh. As a reminder, island top payouts will be taken tomorrow on Saturday, May 10th. Check your standings with /is top or the #cloud-top Discord channel, and try to contest the top! Best of luck.

Update Details
With this update, we're introducing several quality of life updates, a new form of cosmetics, a new enchantment, and several updates to our Store.

Introducing a new central place to keep track of all of your cosmetics, /cosmetics. Keep track of Disguises, Trails, Pets, and Sprays.

With the introduction of this menu, we're...

VortexPvP Reborn | Factions Moon

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Hey everyone,

The second phase of VortexPvP Reborn is here! Introducing Factions Moon, a competitive and feature-rich server releasing very soon. We've worked so hard on this Factions server over the course of the past couple weeks, loading so many new features and gameplay changes into it. As with Skyblock, we're also going to be pumping out content updates to keep gameplay fun. Let's get into the reset details!

We're releasing Factions Moon next week, below is the date and times that it opens. We'll be providing reminders and updates on our Discord server, so make sure to join. Our Discord will be playing a massive role in this reset, as you'll see below.

Cannon Planet releases May 17th, 2019
5 PM EST / 2 PM PST / 10 PM...

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