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    Accepted WTF. ????

    Okay, it's late..and I drink. so here goes. I was not aware that using scem and placing Iron was a "automated task" I was not attempting to cheat, I was not trying to get ahead buy placing while breaking chests. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse..(I do wish they were more clear.) I am asking...
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    Announcement October Monthly Crate + September Votes Raffle

    I never win, ever, this is nice. now can someone give me the pic 6 #s for NC lottery. Lolz I may be on a winning streak
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    Closed Rails ???

    What is your ign?: Grandpaw_Bubba What is your full in-game name Bubba_Zanettie Players ign?: ItsMeGeit Ign of the player you're reporting ItMegeit Reason of report?: selling rails on ah What rule was broken rails can not be crafted Supporting evidence: see pic screenshots or videos
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    Resolved IG's not dieing

    IGN - Bubba_Zanettie When - Started this afternoon Yesterday IG's started burning on spawn. Okay, np. but now the stack gets to 30 and the fire goes out. Ig's do not die. So I water pushed them into a lava line. out of 30-40 IG stack I get 3-5 iron.
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    Grandpaw Bubba has not died. he just took a nap.

    Grandpaw Bubba has not died. he just took a nap.