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    Accepted Incorrect ban

    You were banned because the other account on your IP posted an illegal link and your ban counted as ban evasion. You have been unbanned.
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    The link may not have been harmful but there is no way for us to check without clicking on it (which we don't want to do in case it is an IP logger). Make sure to check the rules and don't post any links other than trusted ones such as Gyazo, YouTube, Vortexpvp website, etc... Be careful from...
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    Skyblock Reset Suggestions

    First Fix eco thanks :D
  4. Granola_King

    Favorite Song/Album of 2018.

    Anything that isn't Cardi B, I'm fine with. :) Edit: I like how the only people that have responded so far have been staff. xd
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    She resigned.
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    Cloud Giveaway!! <better den denny's!!>

    OhGran *looks at James with anger in his eyes* I have no fingers, no toes, and 2 glowing red eyes. >:)
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    Cloud Giveaway Part 2

    Hey will u look at that! :)
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    Cloud Giveaway Part 2

    Dogs! (or any baby animal, those are always cute) Good luck everyone! Thanks Denny! <3
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    Answered I was banned for making a joke

    Accepted I realize you were joking but we warned you like 20 mins ago about posting links. Be careful next time!
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    Cloud Giveaway

    Such an original post! +1 ;)
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    Cloud Giveaway

    HI DENNY! my fav color is probs aqua. :) Good luck everyone!
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    Representing is back.

    Hey you probably don't know me but I played back then. :) Wb
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    Important Vortex Revamp Re-Release + BETA

    SECOND Btw, everything looks awesome! Can't wait for new skyblock! Hopefully eco is better :rolleyes: