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    Staff Application from Patolli

    + 1 but smells like dick cheese
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    Factions - Highlyy

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    Factions - Highlyy

    No it clearly says "Patoli" so shut yo skin tone chicken bone google chrome no home flip phone disowned ice cream cone garden gnome extra chromosome metronome dimmadome genome full blown monochrome student loan indiana jones overgrown flint stone x and y hormone friend zone sylvester stallone...
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    Factions - Highlyy

    Well at least I'm not illiterate it clearly says "Patolli"
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    Factions - Highlyy

    What is your in-game username?: Highlyy Which galaxy is this suggestion for?: Factions What is your suggestion?: To give patolli staff
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    Staff Application from HighlyRated

    Thank you all cuties :( I removed the word duping from my brain so i don't even know what that is :3
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    Staff Application from HighlyRated

    What is your name? Joshua NameMc: What is your age? 16 What is your timezone? EST Do you have a microphone? Yes Do you have recording software? Yes What planet/galaxy do you play the most on? Moon / Cloud How many hours a week can...
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    Resolved Another irl trade on skyblock

    Player has been warned. Thank you for reporting this if he does it again actions will be taken against him.
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    Resolved Players arranging a irl Trade

    Both players have been warned if they do it again actions will be taken towards them.
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    VortexPvP Reborn | Skyblock Cloud

    Skyblock :D
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    Accepted Ban Appeal.

    Sorry about that but you were spamming in /shout which complies to different rules but since you are already unbanned this post is resolved.
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    Resolved What happened to my perks?

    The quickest way to get repose from the staff team is joining the discord go into support-channel and do !new and a higher staff member could help you.
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    Skyblock Mars - Planet Discovered

    GG sounds fun