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  1. HighlyRated

    Resolved Another irl trade on skyblock

    Player has been warned. Thank you for reporting this if he does it again actions will be taken against him.
  2. HighlyRated

    Resolved Players arranging a irl Trade

    Both players have been warned if they do it again actions will be taken towards them.
  3. HighlyRated

    VortexPvP Reborn | Skyblock Cloud

    Skyblock :D
  4. HighlyRated

    Answered Ban Appeal.

    Sorry about that but you were spamming in /shout which complies to different rules but since you are already unbanned this post is resolved.
  5. HighlyRated

    Factions Suggestions v2

    What is your ign?: HighlyRated What server would you like this on?: Factions More of a list of suggestions just like my old post but more! Defender Wand Limited uses per wand [50, 150, 300] - Applying wand on obsidian blocks will increase the durability when being shot by TNT. This is a...
  6. HighlyRated

    Resolved What happened to my perks?

    The quickest way to get repose from the staff team is joining the discord go into support-channel and do !new and a higher staff member could help you.
  7. HighlyRated

    Skyblock Mars - Planet Discovered

    GG sounds fun
  8. HighlyRated

    Fun? (New ideas)

    What is your ign?: HighlyRated What server would you like this on?: Factions Why should we add this?: Grace period on Factions brings nothing to the player base to do for fun. There is KOTH's Outpost but those additions rely on a factor of who has the bigger faction. So here are some...
  9. HighlyRated

    Answered Old Posts

    People tend to use the discord more than the website.
  10. HighlyRated

    Top profile GG

    Top profile GG