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    Ban Appeal

    people who spend money dont have any advantage over people who havent.
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    Ban appeal

    @Charles @Cam
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    Ban Appeal

    use format for ban appeal
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    Ban Appeal

    fam do you understand what i wrote? you were banned for a reason
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    Ban Appeal

    thats why everyone says, if you check previous appeals everyone says they were watching a movie and you shouldnt of hacked if you didnt want to lose your items/rank
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    Getting kicked out for flying in a combat zone when I wasn’t!

    its not a big deal it happens sometimes
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    your ban should be reduced to 30 days i think if you admitted to hacking
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    still an autoclicker which means you broke the rules..... no point of complaining for you wrong doing
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    rank missing

    they will resolve it you just have to wait
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    Got banned for hacking

    You were banned for hacking.....hack on other servers.......hacked on vortex.......therefor you broke the rules and are banned....
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    Hunger Games Amusement Park Map from 2015

    vortex did have hunger games back when Dota was owner they took it out mid 2014 i believe
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    Autoclicking is automating a task as stated in the rules 12. Automated Tasks Any type of action not done by yourself is considered an automated task (I.E. - Having an object hold a key or button to do tasks for you.)