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    Prison Plasma | Season Three

    Introduction Hey everyone, I'm excited to share news about season three of Prison Plasma. Our first season was met with great reception and feedback, and we made many important changes throughout the second season to encourage longevity and replay-ability. We're excited to build on that in...
  2. Resilience

    Factions Moon | Season Five

    Introduction Hey everyone, We're well aware that the previous couple maps of Factions were not up to the standards both the leadership team and community are used to, in that they didn't address several fundamental issues that the community has long complained about. Season Five marks a change...
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    Plasma | Storage Prestige Enchantment, YouTube Program, Fishing, Pickaxe Leveling, Postman, + more!

    Introduction Hey everyone, I'm back today with another content update, which focuses primarily on Prison Plasma and several quality of life updates. Yesterday, we announced Skyblock Cloud's impending reset with tons of major changes to both gameplay and content. If you haven't already seen the...
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    Skyblock Cloud | Season Four

    Introduction Hey everyone, It's time for Season Four of Skyblock Cloud! We're using this reset to change quite a bit about how Cloud is played with changes to spawners and the economy, as well as adding several new features. Before I delve into the details of this reset, please note the...
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    Prison Plasma | Season Two

    Introduction Hey everyone, I'm excited to share news about season two of our newest gamemode, Prison Plasma. Our first season was met with great reception and feedback, and we made many important changes throughout the season to encourage longevity and replay-ability. We're excited to build on...
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    Factions Moon | Season Four

    Introduction Hey everyone, It's that time again... Factions Moon, Season Four is almost here. We're making some very necessary changes to Moon with this reset, with many requested features and patches being added, as well as some changes to core gameplay. As always, we communicate actively...
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    Cloud, Moon, Plasma | EXP -> Tokens, Iron Golem Pet, Wings, Jump Pads, Acid Enchantment, + more!

    Introduction Hey everyone, Let's jump right into today's weekly content update, which applies to all three servers under the Vortex umbrella. In other news, you can expect news regarding the next season of Factions coming shortly! Update Details This update adds the much requested EXP ->...
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    Prison Plasma | New Pouches, Prestige Rewards, Boosting Rewards, Pet Bufffs, + more!

    Introduction Hey friends, As promised in the Cloud Season Three post, here's this week's content update, which mainly revolves around the recent release of Prison Plasma. Update Details This update adds two new pouches, prestige rewards, a token pet buff, and several smaller quality of life...
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    Skyblock Cloud | Season Three

    Introduction Hey everyone, It's time for Skyblock Cloud, Season Three! We're adding many new and exciting features for this map, with more on the way with our periodic content updates. There's also a content update for Prison Plasma releasing on Sunday, which also brings many much requested...
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    Cloud, Moon, Plasma | Quality of Life Content Update

    Introduction Hey everyone! We're going to be doing this week's weekly update on Wednesday as opposed to Friday in order to provide a couple important bug fixes, quality of life updates, and an update on the approach we're taking with our upcoming server, Prison Plasma. Update Details This...
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    Prison Plasma | Season One

    Introduction Hey everyone, It's been a long time coming. I'm finally excited to announce the release of our brand new Prison server, Prison Plasma. Throughout the past couple resets of Cloud and Moon, we've been subtly mentioning Prison while working heavily on it behind the scenes. It's time...
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    Factions Moon | Season Three

    Introduction Hey guys, It's finally time for the third season of Factions Moon! As with our recent Skyblock reset, we've made many useful updates and similar quality of life improvements to keep Moon on the same standard of quality you're used to. Read below for both a full look at what our...
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    Introduction Hey everyone! Hope all is well, it's been a couple weeks since our last full content update post as opposed to Discord, but we're here with some important updates and quality of life changes on both Skyblock Cloud and Factions Moon! Update Details With this update, we're...
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    Skyblock Cloud | Season Two

    Introduction Hey everyone, After an abbreviated end to the map, it's time to talk about the details for Skyblock Cloud, Season Two. We learned a lot from the first season that we're going to use to move forward to make season two bigger and better. If you missed our Discord announcement...
  15. Resilience

    Cloud & Moon | Galactic Rank, Ban Reset, Cannon Planet, New Enchantment Tier, Delivery Man, Island Alts, Store Update, Island Vaults, + more!

    Introduction Hey guys! We're here for as usual for our third content update for Skyblock Cloud. Payouts will be taken tomorrow at 6 PM EST as a reminder for those competing. Additionally, Factions Moon releases tomorrow at 3 PM EST! Read more about the reset at