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    Vortex Ideas

  2. Vaultzzz

    Banned by Vaultz

  3. Vaultzzz

    Ban appeal illegal link Vaultzzz

  4. Vaultzzz

    Ban appeal illegal link Vaultzzz

    I’m not home right now but I’ll have someone unban you , don’t let this happen again please.
  5. Vaultzzz

    Ban appeal

    Unbanned .
  6. Vaultzzz

    an old video I found on my computer Pretty easy tbh
  7. Vaultzzz


    Appeal Denied.
  8. Vaultzzz

    Banned for not joining?

    if u were going to make an appeal, make it on discord and it will be seen to on there
  9. Vaultzzz

    I've been refunded less than my rank was worth?

    I believe that rank prices changed and then when they converted it into credit , they multiplied the rank prices by 2.5 and that was what yoU were given , I was vortex before it happened and I only got $100 I think
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    Ban Appeal

    so how were u killing mobs if u were watching a movie
  11. Vaultzzz


    u wont get an unban.
  12. Vaultzzz

    My thoughts on the new prison server

    I agree, i joined yesterday for the first time and im already prestige 50, its kinda unbalanced