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  1. lastro

    where the fucks the chat

    A lot has changed since then, if you are wondering about the global chat that used to be a thing on the forums, it got removed as this is a completely new site for the server.
  2. lastro

    Resolved What happened to my perks?

    I can vouch that he had all the kits, ranks etc. I'm sure multiple other players can as well.
  3. lastro


    unban this legend!
  4. lastro

    Accepted Cines best play3r 2006 lastro ban appeal

    What is your ign?: lastro Staff members IGN?: @oDarkG Reason of ban?: SPI Why should you be unbanned?: I said "chiverton" and apparently that is his SPI or whatever, I didn't know. I only said that because I used play with that goon back when his ign was "fchiverton12"...
  5. lastro

    ariana grande is ugly as fuck

    ariana grande is ugly as fuck
  6. lastro

    Resolved lastro's ban appeal

    What is your ign?: lastro Staff members IGN?: @Aluminimium Reason of ban?: glitching Why should you be unbanned?: I think I should be unbanned because I didn't disconnect from the server TRYING to glitch. I disconnecting thinking I would become a pvplogger123 so that the person killing me...
  7. lastro

    Closed sick ban zAk

  8. lastro

    Closed sick ban zAk

    What is your ign?: oiv Staff members IGN?: Fishgang Reason of ban?:Ddos threats Why should you be unbanned?: Tbh, i dont think zak is that retarded. I dont think the chief guy gave u the full conversation. (i am correct he did not recive full convo) he even asked me if it was a ddos threat...
  9. lastro

    Resolved Banned for illegal link?

    It was for illegal links.
  10. lastro

    chew Recruitment

    can i join plz i am homeless and i need a factio to take my virginity plz help i need house and roof on my head to make porn vid and food to make me hungry and video game to make me happy no happy then i get depression and i get depression then i get sad and i dont want to be sad plz help
  11. lastro


    bring back dota
  12. lastro


    hi dylan !!! im lfff too
  13. lastro

    chew Recruitment

    In game name: oiv Discord name: oiv#3474 Rank on Vortex: Vortex Age: 14 Experience: lots Have you played on Vortex before: yes If so, what faction were u in: gangmusic Skills: a lot Rate ur cannon skills from 1-10: 0 Rate ur pvp skills from 1-10: 20 Rate ur base building skills from 1-10: 7
  14. lastro

    Factions Nostalgia Proposal -=4mats4=-

    doug gonna start crying ab this r u sureeeeeee
  15. lastro

    Goons recruitment page

    im da best cannoner recruit me
  16. lastro

    Announcement Factions Reset Suggestions

    remove kb2 and punch2s idk why they are back they were removed before dont make wilderness so close to spawn if kb2s are removed, make all koths similiar to the overowlrd one small factions pls item seal shoul;d be either removed or have chance of keeping item not 100%
  17. lastro

    Announcement Factions Reset Suggestions

    Ross is that really u?
  18. lastro

    Factions Nostalgia Proposal -=4mats4=-

    u arent gonna fire back wow -rep
  19. lastro

    Factions Nostalgia Proposal -=4mats4=-

    U gonna take that? You are pretty retarded I have to admit