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    Staff Application from Horrizer

    What is your name? Jake NameMc: What is your age? 17 What is your timezone? Eastern Time (ET) Do you have a microphone? Yes Do you have recording software? Yes What planet/galaxy do you play the most on? Factions Galaxy How many hours...
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    Ok look, i have my appeal written and i am waiting 3 days but still got no answer! I am so addicted to this server so pls read my appeal i wanna play!

    Ok i wanna play on this server because i am so addicted to it idk why but i got banned for logging out when frozen when i didnt even log out!!11 So pls unban me alright and read my appeal!!!1
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    False banned

    I did not log out when i was frozen, and i was not refusing to SS because it kicked me out. So i dont think its my fault i also am pretty unlucky because its a really small chanche u get kicked while being frozen.
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    False banned

    The staff IGN Is Brale
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    False banned

    My ingame name is Horrizer I was banned for Logging out while frozen I think i should be unbanned because it said when i was raiding a base: Your frozen do not logout or you will be banned. I did not logout i was waiting but after some seconds i got banned for logging out while frozen. I dont...