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    Staff Application from SytlezL

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    Skyblock Cloud | Season Four

    Used to be good for factions
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    Skyblock Cloud | Season Four

    Yeah ikr buying frosty was a waste of money since it has terrible custom enchants and Halloween has really good custom enchants And prot 4 Lool
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    Skyblock Cloud | Season Four

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    Staff Application from DarkTrainer45

    +1 pretty cool dude
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    Skyblock - Iamkoala

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    Consoles banned me D:

    Yeah they recently unbanned me but thanks anyways.
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    Consoles banned me D:

    Yeah thanks bro i forgot the ign from who bought it for me.
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    Consoles banned me D:

    IGN: Cre3dz Staff member: Console Reason of ban: Chargeback?? Why should you be unbanned: I went on vacation July 23 so I downloaded minechat a couple of days ago to log in every once in a while, when i tried to log in today it said i got banned for chargeback. I did not do it and idek how...
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    Staff Application from SeptiplierTrash

    No recording software Doesn't know what galaxy to play Only 15 hours a week Sorry but my opninion is no. -1
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    Ban Appeal

    I don 't really think the perm ban is justified. I would make it a 30 day ban. Depends on what he uses tho.
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    Prison Plasma | Season Two

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    Ban Appeal for Factions

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    Moon balance ideas/fixes for PvP(?)

    +1 agreed with everything
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    Staff Application from Juksuli

    +1 Juksuli is one of the nicest people I have ever met on this server.
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    Staff Application from Patolli

    Definetly -1 all he does is trash talk .