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  1. ISplitYourSister

    Factions Moon | Season Five

    Is there a cap on f tnt Bank??
  2. ISplitYourSister

    I've been refunded less than my rank was worth?

    Yh servers a fat scam now, $300 vortex rank only got $100 credit lolol
  3. ISplitYourSister

    Staff Application from ScarletMaximof

    It’s a pretty good app +1 Thor is the best avenger.
  4. ISplitYourSister

    Resolved Players arranging a irl Trade

    I see no irl trade Chill!
  5. ISplitYourSister

    Announcement Factions Comet - Planet Discovered

    Or instead of making ftop even more aids, just add a rule preventing factions from placing less than 24hours before payout? Because ftop updating slow af is going to be very aids throughout the rest of the week
  6. ISplitYourSister

    Announcement Factions Comet - Planet Discovered

    Everyone complains about ftop taking ages to update. INCREASES THE TIME IT TAKES TO UPDATE Mcmmo is still going to be bad lol Rules about having all spawners in main base if you want to claim an ftop reward please???? Curse are the only faction who actually place lolol
  7. ISplitYourSister

    Mythcraft ranks

    I meannn Myth is dead and they are making no effort to try to fix it, may as well just move myth ranks over lol
  8. ISplitYourSister

    Announcement Factions Moon Launch - January 19th 2019

    Keep it as 1 outpost. Having 3 is stupid af lmao. If anything, just have 2 caption points. Will the spanwer lvl go back to default if mined or broken by tnt??
  9. ISplitYourSister

    Announcement Factions Arctic

    @Cam remove being able to get depth striders PLS
  10. ISplitYourSister

    Announcement Factions Arctic

    Remove arctic world, way too many worlds and places for people to build bases Still no f upgrades :// Have you fixed stacked pots unstacking when picked up from the ground? Remove being able to brew invis pots :/
  11. ISplitYourSister

    Announcement Factions Reset Suggestions

    Eco is being redone for next map
  12. ISplitYourSister

    Announcement Factions Reset Suggestions

    -Remove arctic world next map lol, way too many corners -1 ally no truces? or 1 truce -Eco is fucked -go back to the old f claimng, this new f claim s 5 is aids -Add f stealth back, good for raiding -Add inquesative back, was pretty good last map -Redo the customs...
  13. ISplitYourSister

    Closed Banned for Doxing?

    Yikes sorry no staff can help you then, let’s just deny it and move on :))) You was saying the state name several times trying to get a reaction from the guy, you knew exactly what you was doing lma
  14. ISplitYourSister

    Liar I’m a fucking GOD

    Liar I’m a fucking GOD
  15. ISplitYourSister

    Announcement Factions Raid Event

    That’s not competitive. That’s just leaching off Curses back lmao
  16. ISplitYourSister

    Announcement Factions Raid Event

    100 walls. And once you breach does everyone’s else have to leave? Or???
  17. ISplitYourSister

    Announcement Factions Raid Event

    Only 10 walls? That’s like 2mins of cannoning lol Is it first faction who breaches gets to control the base? Because you already know everyone is gonna leach while like 2 factions cannon
  18. ISplitYourSister

    Important Vortex Revamp Re-Release + BETA

    Sooooo you fixed 1.7 clients crashing???? Or is that still a thing