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  1. 4mats4

    Old VortexPVP From 2013 - Getnerded's Base

    Many years ago, one of the Getnerded factions members somehow got an entire world save file of a Vortex Factions map. I still have the file and I have some old coordinates for bases from that time and I wanted to show them off to show what factions looked like from that era. This is Getnerded's...
  2. 4mats4

    Factions - 4mats4

    What is your in-game username?: 4mats4 Which galaxy is this suggestion for?: Factions What is your suggestion?: Hello everyone. For those who don't know, I'm 4mats4. Legendary Vortex PvP player dating back to 2012 and member of the greatest faction ever to play on Vortex PvP...