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  1. 4mats4

    Factions - 4mats4

    What's the best place to post this for visibility then if the forums are dead?
  2. 4mats4

    Old VortexPVP From 2013 - Getnerded's Base

    Many years ago, one of the Getnerded factions members somehow got an entire world save file of a Vortex Factions map. I still have the file and I have some old coordinates for bases from that time and I wanted to show them off to show what factions looked like from that era. This is Getnerded's...
  3. 4mats4

    Factions - 4mats4

  4. 4mats4

    Factions - 4mats4

    What is your in-game username?: 4mats4 Which galaxy is this suggestion for?: Factions What is your suggestion?: Hello everyone. For those who don't know, I'm 4mats4. Legendary Vortex PvP player dating back to 2012 and member of the greatest faction ever to play on Vortex PvP...
  5. 4mats4

    Announcement Factions Comet - Planet Discovered

    This isn't factions nostalgia
  6. 4mats4

    Announcement Factions Moon Launch - January 19th 2019

    This isn't factions nostalgia
  7. 4mats4

    Vortex rank costs $1200?

    The 24/7 90% is actually hurting the server way more than it is helping it
  8. 4mats4

    Accepted lol.

    HEY! Don't talk about my friend like that!
  9. 4mats4

    Announcement Factions Reset Suggestions

    OR, or... Factions Nostalgia
  10. 4mats4

    Important Wyvern Going Forward

    Hey! What's going on here???
  11. 4mats4

    Factions Impending Reset [$800] Paypal /Buycraft FTop Payout

    Maybe pay2win wasn't the right phrase. However, it definitely stretches the gap between new players without ranks and longtime players with multiple ranked accounts. Part of what I think needs to be done to factions as a whole (not just vortex, or wyvern... whatever it's called) is making the...
  12. 4mats4

    Factions Impending Reset [$800] Paypal /Buycraft FTop Payout

    Sending credits is a bad idea. People complain about things being too pay to win, but this will really be pay to win.
  13. 4mats4

    Factions Impending Reset [$800] Paypal /Buycraft FTop Payout

    Yeah, seems kinda unnecessary
  14. 4mats4

    Factions Impending Reset [$800] Paypal /Buycraft FTop Payout

    Seems cool. Won't really be able to play though