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  1. Vaultzzz

    an old video I found on my computer Pretty easy tbh
  2. Vaultzzz


    Appeal Denied.
  3. Vaultzzz

    Banned for not joining?

    if u were going to make an appeal, make it on discord and it will be seen to on there
  4. Vaultzzz

    I've been refunded less than my rank was worth?

    I believe that rank prices changed and then when they converted it into credit , they multiplied the rank prices by 2.5 and that was what yoU were given , I was vortex before it happened and I only got $100 I think
  5. Vaultzzz

    Ban Appeal

    so how were u killing mobs if u were watching a movie
  6. Vaultzzz


    u wont get an unban.
  7. Vaultzzz

    My thoughts on the new prison server

    I agree, i joined yesterday for the first time and im already prestige 50, its kinda unbalanced