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  1. Aluminimium

    Vortexx_Playz Ban

    Mans really used a Jesus quote in his ban appeal. Absolutely Incredible 10/10 on yelp.
  2. Aluminimium


    There's a format for making ban appeals:
  3. Aluminimium

    Permant Banned for being forced to join discord

    There's a format for making ban appeals:
  4. Aluminimium

    Favorite Song/Album of 2018.

    Pretty sick band if you ask me
  5. Aluminimium


    It's actually Oswald
  6. Aluminimium

    When about does the server annually do resets on the factions?

    There is no exact date for when the server will reset but it won't be for a while so don't worry about it.
  7. Aluminimium

    When about does the server annually do resets on the factions?

    This factions reset is not that old so it won't reset for a little while But usually the reset announcement is around a week or 2 before it gets brought down for maintenance and the release of the reset
  8. Aluminimium

    Answered 1Trap's Ban Appeal

    Accepted, Next time be more careful in what you say. Reduced to a 3 day mute.
  9. Aluminimium

    Where tf is prison

    hmmmm idk ;)
  10. Aluminimium

    Resolved Why Does smelting leave the last 4 blocks of any ore un-smelted?

    Moved to "Bug Reports" Also please elaborate on this
  11. Aluminimium

    Closed Ldgeno Ban Report

    Already Banned.
  12. Aluminimium


    Because it just really be like that sometimes
  13. Aluminimium

    Announcement Comet Planet BETA

    Hyped for the re-revamp release!
  14. Aluminimium

    Representing is back.

    No please don't come back
  15. Aluminimium

    Denied Granola_king

    This is ridiculous, you were asked to stop multiple times and did not so the mutes were absolutely necessary. Being racist with your main account and alt is not going to work if your trying to cheat the system by the way.
  16. Aluminimium

    Accepted Duke855 Hacking

    Your IGN: Aluminimium Name of the user you're reporting: Duke855 Reason: Hacking/Cheating Evidence:
  17. Aluminimium

    Denied Ban darktrainer45

    This made my day
  18. Aluminimium

    Accepted EvilLuigi2012 Banned For Doing Nothing

    x3d3stroyer has asked me many times to change his spawners and for free money too Solved easily I ignored, i didn't take everything from him Think Smart