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  1. Officiallysp

    Ghostbuster Haloween Event - All 12 Ghost Locations (Skyblock Cloud)

    sorry im late to this one
  2. Officiallysp

    Ghostbuster Haloween Event - All 27 Ghost Locations (Prison Plasma)

    Got the hardest one out of the way first. here are all the heads from mine A to Z + Spawn
  3. Officiallysp


    so yeah this happened. for reasons, I will not provide I will not be sharing this exploit. if you know where to find this, you know
  4. Officiallysp

    Prison Plasma S3 Prelaunch Party

    With just 5 minutes left to go. here is what me and ItzliamFTW got up to before the server opened NOTE: shadowplay wouldnt reconise my microphone so you can only hear liam's reaction but boy does he overreact. its great
  5. Officiallysp

    Quite Possibly The Luckiest Loot Box Ever

    honestly, if you are on the fence as to whether you should buy a loot should definitely go for it :p