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  1. GammaXIX

    Plasma - Be_

    As it stands im not sure if it has been changed. mines reset at 20%. but in my opinion it should be lowered slightly cause sometimes it can be annoying
  2. GammaXIX

    Prison Plasma | Season Five | $1,600 GTOP

    this is true
  3. GammaXIX

    Prison Plasma | Season Five | $1,600 GTOP

    That staff riot thing sounds great :)
  4. GammaXIX

    LUCKY CHEST REWARDS, Cell Block Levels

    you can get 250's out of a rare as well
  5. GammaXIX

    Skyblock Cloud | Season Five | Oct. 12th

    and carter being banned of course
  6. GammaXIX

    Skyblock Cloud | Season Five | Oct. 12th

    Like the looks of this +1
  7. GammaXIX

    Vote shop rewards and Ad points

    What is your in-game username?: ItzLiamFTW Which galaxy is this suggestion for?: All What is your suggestion?: As you all know /vt is a thing, its quite cool you get points for voting and you can spend them on rewards my suggestion is. Please improve it and make it so we can have it on all...
  8. GammaXIX

    The Galaxy Pass In Prison

    Some of the challenges in the galaxy-pass are clearly not meant for in prison so what do i do cause it just makes it impossible to continue with it. For example placing down spawners i bought the galaxy pass for prison and i cant actually do that so it just makes it useless if you can please...