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    Prison - Plasma - tmoe617

    What is your in-game username?: tmoe617 Which galaxy is this suggestion for?: Prison - Plasma What is your suggestion?: Buff looter. With my current pickaxe (looter 2) i(personally) have mined over 1mil blocks, and my gang member has mined about 1mil as well, and looter has not activated once
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    Accepted BippleJr ban evasion(brothers alt)

    What is your ign?: BippleJr Staff members IGN?: depression Reason of ban?: ban evasion Why should you be unbanned?: the account "BippleJr" is not owned by tmoe617, and I(tmoe617) was running it because my brother's(oodone) laptop cant run 4 minecrafts at once it was banned when after my main...
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    Denied Ban apeal

    What is your ign?: tmoe617 Staff members IGN?: depression Reason of ban?: hacked client[gapple hitting?] Why should you be unbanned?: I don't know why I was banned as I believe I was failing to pvp as I meant to switch to my axe but didn't and was mistakenly attacking with a gapple and then...