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    Uuh yeah, can i suck your dick while we play fortnite
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    since now, this is my new method to contact people, @Josh how r you doing today
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    Hey, brandong i was just wondering if you ever got unbanned man
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    discord unban

    wait a minute, aren't you that guy?
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    Factions Moon | Season Three

    ^ what he said, no need for 4 worlds so people can get corners, when all people do is live in shitty 1x1 bases
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    Dirty cheater
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    Resolved Players arranging a irl Trade

    Isplityoursister said eeeeh he never said yes
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    Wrongful ban

    do you think everything is about you kid? Was talking to a cheating scum, you dumbass
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    Wrongful ban

    ye put the blame on me, just cause we had some shit talking going on
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    Duckie3000 ban appeal

    ye but you've played on here for a while and you know the rules dirty cheater
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    Duckie3000 ban appeal

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    Duckie3000 ban appeal

    shouldn't get unbanned dirty cheater
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    Accepted 825

    What is your ign?:825 What is your full in-game name Staff members IGN?: Generalpizzaa What is the ign of the staff member Reason of ban?:ban evasion, main account was only temp banned then i logged on my alt and got perm banned on it Why were you banned Why should you be unbanned?:cause it...
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    Minecon 2011 Giveaway

    Give me cape thanks
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    Factions - Ftop winners + Information

    Brandong,ross and kieran talking bout being the real owners of curse but they all lieing so i'll take that voucher thanks !