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  1. Cam

    Announcement It's Christmas Time!

    Happy Holidays everyone! It’s time for the Christmas Update! We’ve got a variety of new features and new items available starting today! Our spawns will be converting to a more festive theme in the upcoming days but until then enjoy these new limited edition holiday features Santa Although...
  2. Cam

    December Monthly Crate + November Voters

    Hello everyone, The monthly crate for December have now been released! Monthly Crates - December END - Arctic - November Votes + Raffle Draw DaBox Colorified EpicBarrie STAVROSgreece Type /mail...
  3. Cam

    Resolved Banned for illegal link?

    Hello, the link you had sent was not one of our allowed links. Regardless of it being a screenshot or not shortened links are not allowed as I'm not going to click and check every link sent in chat to find out if its sketchy or not. Regardless, you have been unbanned. Please be careful with...
  4. Cam

    Skyblock End!

    corrected and yes they will be
  5. Cam

    Skyblock End!

    Hello everyone! I am happy to announce the introduction of Skyblock End! Along with our recent rebranding of factions Arctic, we’ve decided to roll out a brand new theme for our skyblock server as well. I’ve included some of the most important changes as well as the minor improvements...
  6. Cam

    Skyblock Reset Suggestions

    Hey everyone! Saturday November 10th will be the last day of payouts for this current map of skyblock. With the reset in the works and getting closer to being ready to go now is the time for your suggestions. Please take this opportunity to let us know by replying to this message what changes...
  7. Cam

    Announcement November Monthly Crate + October Voters

    Hello everyone, Firstly, Thank you to everyone who was online for the Arctic launch we hit a combined player count of over 1.2k players across the networks! The monthly crate for November have now been released! we've added new rewards and removed the less useful items Monthly Crates...
  8. Cam

    Announcement Factions Arctic

    Updated the post to reflect the removal of the arctic world
  9. Cam

    Announcement Factions Arctic

    Hello everyone! I am happy to announce the introduction of Factions Arctic! We have decided to rebrand Factions Comet into Arctic with a whole new server theme. I have included some of our most important changes as well as a full list of changes Worlds Overworld 10k by 10k Nether 5k by 5k...
  10. Cam

    Closed no thanks

    Denied. Please purchase an unban @ if you would like to continue playing on the Vortex Network
  11. Cam

    Factions Nostalgia Proposal -=4mats4=-

    hmmmmmmmm add me on discord @ Cam ツ#9844
  12. Cam

    Factions Nostalgia Proposal -=4mats4=-

  13. Cam

    Announcement Factions Reset Suggestions

    Hey everyone! As many of you have already seen on our discord we announced that this past week was the last week of payouts for the Comet Planet. With the reset for it already in the works and getting closer to being ready to go now is the time for your suggestions. Please take this opportunity...
  14. Cam

    Resolved Ban Appeal : : LeapFrog

    I know the situation, please be more careful in the future. Unbanned
  15. Cam

    Announcement Lucky Blocks, Envoys and more!

    Hello everyone! It's time for another content update! This update is a little smaller than usual but that is because we have big things planned for next week so stay tuned :) Lucky Blocks - - Now...
  16. Cam

    Resolved Ban Appeals TrayzSniper/Patty_Mayo

    bro I don't care about the knife like whatsoever it was like $50 and you had given it me first so it doesn't affect me that you took it back lol.
  17. Cam

    Resolved Ban Appeals TrayzSniper/Patty_Mayo

    So let me get this right... you grief people all the time and have exploited the fact that we couldn't log it. And your plea this time is no you don't, don't bullshit me. You're toxic to our community, you scam players constantly, even new players looking for help. Homeless yet called me to...
  18. Cam

    Important Hi, my name is Charles!

  19. Cam

    Announcement Pets, Disguises, Emotes & More!

    Hello everyone! We have spent the past week looking into what you guys have been telling us needed improvements and finding new content we can introduce to the server. Stay tuned for more ;) You might have noticed if you previously owned pets that you were once again able to use them this...