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  1. HisActions

    Accepted Ban Appeal for Factions

    Then why didn't you show us this before? Makes no sense how you're handling this.
  2. HisActions

    Accepted Ban Appeal for Factions

    My staff member is doing their job and focusing on the details that lead to you insiding. From our point of view it looks like you insided. Now you ask what he would have done if the same thing was happening to his faction? Well i do believe anybody would alert their other faction members or at...
  3. HisActions

    Accepted Ban Appeal

  4. HisActions

    Denied Ban Appeal : MinerBarret

    We were sent a picture of you using a client on the server attempting to write a bock using forge hax. You also can't appeal a tempban so idk why you're even appealing. As it was an attempt to abuse the book and chunk duplication glitch i decided to be lenient and let you off with only a 3d tempban.
  5. HisActions

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Denied. You were using a client
  6. HisActions

    Accepted WTF. ????

    We talked on discord, Accepted.
  7. HisActions

    Denied Ban appeal:

    Are you telling me to provide you with proof you did something? I don't have to, we already rolled back what you did.
  8. HisActions

    Denied Ban appeal

    You can't appeal a tempban.
  9. HisActions

    Denied Ban appeal:

    So you did grief someones island. Do you understand that? Cause if you're just gonna continue this act that you'd never do such a thing then you're going to stay banned.
  10. HisActions

    Accepted jonaspall ban appeal

    I'm unbanning you, please solve this with each other and if you need staff to intervene then message one of us on discord.
  11. HisActions

    Accepted jonaspall ban appeal

    There's still the fact that the cactus farm was griefed at the bottom, make a support ticket and we can add your friend and see where to go from there.
  12. HisActions

    Accepted jonaspall ban appeal

    We got a report that you were on someone's island, took their IGs, Mob Hoppers, Crop Hoppers, and destroyed their cactus farm. We had logged the blocks and sure enough you had done the damage along with another person who is also banned.
  13. HisActions

    Denied YouTube rank ap

    Hello thobbe, After reviewing your application and your channel it looks like you haven't uploaded in almost a year. You have 0 videos on vortex so there's no way you can get youtube rank right now with the current state of your channel. Please upload 2-3 videos on vortex and then try again...
  14. HisActions

    Closed brangdong hacking on outpost

    Post it on youtube and show us that way
  15. HisActions

    Accepted Rckane1

    I'm accepting your application not because of you made a good appeal but because I don't wish to deal with this anymore. You failed to screenshare and don't listen when we tell you to follow the format. I'm reducing your perm ban to 7 days. Do NOT make anymore appeals like this again.