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  1. GammaXIX

    Dvrkly Appeal "Auto Clicking"

    Please appeal on our discord you will get a faster response if you do it there Liam - Moderator
  2. GammaXIX

    me and da bois playing prison on de weekend gone wrong

  3. GammaXIX

    funny man upload funny moment me laugh haha

    Actually my dad Allu <3
  4. GammaXIX


    /ignore [user]
  5. GammaXIX

    got ban for nothing

    If you got wrongly accused or want to appeal. Please appeal on our Discord - Liam Mod Staff Team --
  6. GammaXIX

    got ban for nothing

    ./ignore [user]
  7. GammaXIX

    how to ban appeal

    Go on our discord located at and click our support tab and make an appeal there and we will go from there - Liam Mod Staff Team --
  8. GammaXIX


    I'm afraid regardless if it was you or not it was still your account, meaning the punishment that was given is valid. Like the rules say its your account meaning its your responsibiilty. And i'm afraid this appeal will most likely get denied.
  9. GammaXIX

    All - 3d_5

  10. GammaXIX

    Please Unban Me

    you could of asked someone if it was ok to do this
  11. GammaXIX

    PayOut In Plasma Prison Still not sent ....

    Who is the owner of the gang, cause he might not have set up paypal so he cant get the payment
  12. GammaXIX

    Resolved Ban appeal

    Go on the discord barry and make a appeal ticket, it will get resolved faster on there, than on here
  13. GammaXIX

    How Do I Unsync Discord ?

    Make a ticket on the discord asking to have your discord to be unsynced
  14. GammaXIX

    Plasma - Be_

    As it stands im not sure if it has been changed. mines reset at 20%. but in my opinion it should be lowered slightly cause sometimes it can be annoying