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    Fly glitch

    What is your ign?: Derpshere What server did this happen on?: Skyblock When did this happen?: Since Skyblock season start How can we recreate this bug?: Go anywhere where their isn't a solid ground beneath you and double tap the space bar to stop flying, it will shoot you all the way under...
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    I've been refunded less than my rank was worth?

    Money hungry much? Wow. People should have been able to get at least what their rank was equivalent to before. I bought GLOBAL nebula and could only get to cyclone on skyblock..... What the actual fuck. On top of that me and my friend play from the same IP so only one of us even though WE both...
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    (Solved) Rules are kind of vague on what mods are allowed and what not.

    Thank you for the reply, to which degree meaning is printer mode allowed. From what I read it is not allowed. I was looking in the wrong rules section, I was looking at the "skyblock only" rules.
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    (Solved) Rules are kind of vague on what mods are allowed and what not.

    I know in previous Vortex/wyvern forums they gave you a list of allowed mods to use. Can you use schematics? and to what degree? Not even sure this is the correct place to ask this so if someone could move this to the correct area that would be great also.