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  1. xJoshuaR


  2. xJoshuaR

    who is this?

    who is this?
  3. xJoshuaR

    yay :D

    yay :D
  4. xJoshuaR

    pls join to make the team better D:

    pls join to make the team better D:
  5. xJoshuaR


  6. xJoshuaR


  7. xJoshuaR

    ban appeal

    OR you can join the vortex discord and make an appeal ticket.
  8. xJoshuaR

    damn you look prego af!

    damn you look prego af!
  9. xJoshuaR

    Factions Moon | Season Seven | $1,600 FTOP

    wait, factions? so glad to have a new game mode!
  10. xJoshuaR

    okay i found my dad!

    okay i found my dad!
  11. xJoshuaR

    Resolved Advert

  12. xJoshuaR

    Cloud, Moon, Plasma | Quality of Life Content Update

    hey can you give me your money pls?
  13. xJoshuaR

    i paid for spooky and winter like 4 years ago and its not in my kit selection anymore

    Hello BlazingGold! If you could please make a ticket on the discord we would be more than happy to help you there it would make it easy for us to help you out much fast. :) To make a ticket on the discord do !new donation in the bot commands.
  14. xJoshuaR

    Skyblock Cloud | Season Two

    yes sir!
  15. xJoshuaR


    I am good, and you?
  16. xJoshuaR

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Hi, The ip you had sent was not one of our allowed ips. I realize it was a mistake but you have to be careful with that stuff. Please be careful with what you post in chat. Accepted and Unbanned.