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  1. Charles

    Announcement New Forums!

    We had to upgrade so the new theme could be developed using XenForo 2.
  2. Charles

    Announcement New Forums!

    Hey everyone, We have upgraded our forums to XenForo 2.0! We have a brand new custom forum theme releasing sometime in the coming weeks but for now, we have a customized version of UI.X 2.0 on. We have some new add-ons for you to enjoy including: - Profile Covers - Content Ratings and no more...
  3. Charles

    Important Hi, my name is Charles!

    Hey everyone, Some of you may recognize me from other servers I have owned/worked on or as Harry’s friend. I was also the old developer of VortexPvP & Mythcraft with Harry years ago. Over the years I’ve been around the community since 2011 working on many notable servers but he has called on me...