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I have seen a lot of people ask what 2FA is and how to use it so I made this quick guide.

Firstly, 2-factor authentication, abbreviated 2FA, is a way to add more security to your account. Most places offer some type of 2FA and I'd highly recommend using it everywhere you can but for now I am just addressing Vortex.

Step 1). Download an authenticator app of your choosing, I personally recommend the Google Authenticator app because you can sync it with your Google account. This is what the app looks like in the Google Playstore for Android users. (Sorry iPhone users, I couldn't find an updated screenshot:()

Step 2). You will see the "Add an account" section. Click on "scan a barcode"

Step 3). Move onto either the forums, in-game, or Discord guides!

Make sure you have read the Authentication App steps first!!

Step 1). Click on your account at the top right-hand side of the forums. From there, click on "Password and security".

Step 2). Under the Two-step verification section, click the button that says "Change" next to "Disabled".

Step 3). Click on the "Enable" button right next to the Verification code via app.

Step 4). Scan the barcode that appears on your screen with the app and then enter the 6 digit code that it generates. Remember that the code is separated by a space in the app but to NOT include that space when entering the code!

[OPTIONAL] Step 5). Download your backup codes and save them somewhere on your PC just in case something happens.

Step 1). Go to any of the HUBS on the server. 2FA can not be done anywhere except for the hubs. Once you are on a hub, type /2fa and go look at the map that it gives you.

Step 2). Scan the maps barcode in with the app on your phone or another mobile device that you downloaded at the beginning of the guide.

Step 3). After you scan the barcode, the account for Vortex should be added into the app. You should bee a 6 digit code that changes out every minute. Type that code into the chat like so /2fa [6 digit code]

So if the code in the app is 123 456, the command would be /2fa 123456, not having the space that is shown in the app is key!

Step 4). You should get a message saying that your 2fa is enabled! The server will occasionally require you to log in with 2FA to ensure your account is protected, so don't lose the device that your 2FA is on!

Disclaimer: The Discord 2FA is not run through Vortex, it is run through Discord itself. This means that if you have any issues with the Discord 2FA in the future, you will need to take them up with Discord support rather than Vortex.

Step 1). Click on the settings gear in the bottom left-hand side of the Discord client.

Step 2). Then click on "Enable Two-Factor Auth"

Step 3). Scan the barcode that is shown with the authentication you have downloaded.

Step 4). Type in the 6 digit code given to you in the app and click "Activate"!

[OPTIONAL] Step 5). Make sure that the mobile number listed is the one you have access to/check the most and then download your backup codes and save them somewhere on your PC just in case something happens.

That is how you can help to protect all of your Vortex-related accounts. This is a good start to practicing online safety and I would highly suggest you activate 2FA on any account you can!

Hope this helps :) -Patch