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This is about builder ranks, the builders on this server should not just have a tag as their rank, they should have a full on builder rank as it represents more than just a tag, also they should be considered a staff member although they do not staff, they work for the server, this means they should have some sort of sympathy as they work so hard and dedicate their time to the server. Thank you for reading -xSquid



The builder title is won in competitions, so the people with this title do not actually work for the server, they have only won a competition run by the admins and other staff members. There is only one person to my knowledge that has it as a rank and actually builds for the server in some way, this person only holds this rank as a means of acknowledgement. I can see what you mean by they should get actual perms if they hold the rank, not the title. I agree with your suggestion, I think it is great. It's down to the decision of the owners and admins, if they trust the current builder with perms or not.

Good suggestion :)