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The Community of Vortex,

Another thing that has come to my attention with alternate accounts that people can boost with them. This is where a player can either vote with their alternate accounts to get keys. Then they can send those keys to their main account by doing /crates send {player} {key} {amount}. People may look at this as, "Oh they are helping the server out by voting for us!" or "That is so unfair because they are getting more rewards than I am." However, I can see this both ways. I do have multiple other accounts that I can use on this lovely server, but I just don't think it is entirely fair to do that though. We all know that you can vote 6 times per IP-Address. So you can imagine how many vote keys you could get in one day if you have many VPN's and Alternate Accounts.

Please note that I'm not deeming alternate accounts a bad thing. Just I feel there should be some small rule that discourages this kind of behavior. Please let me know what thoughts you may have too with this discussion.

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