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New Member
Your In-game Name (Required) ➣ Quixotic_

Staff Member Who Banned/Muted You (Required) ➣ GeneralPizzaa

Why Were You Banned/Muted (Required) ➣ Fancy Chat

Why We Should Unban/Unmute You (Please Explain) ➣ Greetings Members and Staff members. I have been recently banned for 'Fancy Chat'. I was unaware of the Rules due to me clicking the 'Skyblock Cloud Rules' thinking that it would display all the following rules for the Skyblock realm. I am severely sorry for my actions and will not happen again. I am now informed of the rules, in grand detail if I might add. I am sorry for my actions and will not happen again.

Are You Guilty or Not Guilty? (Please Explain) ➣ Yes I am indeed guilty of my actions.
PvpWars Ban Appeal Format.


Staff member
You have been unbanned. As you should've been unbanned when it expired, there was an ipban issued which caused you not to be able to get on. This is your only chance so anything in the future will result in a permanent ban.