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What is your ign?:

Staff members IGN?:

Reason of ban?:
Greifing on skyblock

Why should you be unbanned?:
When I stopped playing minecraft for a while I get my brother use my account periodically. He was banned for grieifing on skyblock. I understand the rules of not being able to appeal if it has been greater than a week however I was not informed he had gotten be banned until I tried to join vortex for the first time in a long time. I understand if I can not be unbanned but it would be greatly appreciated because I love this server and enjoy playing on it

*You have 1 week to appeal a ban. After that time period you will need to purchase an unban to continue playing.
*You may not appeal a ban shorter than 24 hours.


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Appeals on discord get answered a lot faster than appeals on the forums, so if you want a quicker reply, try appealing on the discord. Your chances of getting unbanned have been decreased by a large factor because it has been over a week, but @xJoshuaR might be kind enough.