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New Member
What is your ign? Daflyinboto28

Staff member ign: Brale

Reason of ban: Hacking bye

Why should i be unbanned: Well to start off I wanted to join a faction and I got invited I was excited and they well.. Were very good. I thought I could impress them and act like I have x-ray. So i told them that to act like i could get good loot. Turns out they were good people and told a staff member. I logged back in 15 minutes later im kicked from the faction and permenately banned from the server. I am deeply sorry for making the wrong choice to try and look cool and act like I have x-ray. I feel horrible and very much apoligize. I regret the illegal words I said on youre guys server and hope you can give me a second chance


New Member
I didn’t ban you for x-ray. I banned you because I logged on and watched you for 5 mins run around spawn and your head was spinning and snapping to the players afk at spawn.