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Cedythebee's SkyBlock recruitment...

Hello, I am here today looking for players to play with on SkyBlock Mars on Saturday, 5 pm eastern. This map, I will be playing seriously and try to be on most of the time but also "Not" be on sometimes. The reason why I won't be on sometimes is that I am going through a lot right now with education, I am trying to get everything organize and fit everything in my time I have, and too fit Minecraft in my time won't be easy SOMETIMES, but I will be active most of the time (Don't worry). Now back to the recruitment, I am looking for players who are not toxic, not painful in the ass, and people who I can get along with. If you don't classify as one of these people, please don't bother joining. I will now ask you a series of question that you may copy and paste into the comments and post with the question answered:

1. Whats your IGN?

2. Do you have decent experience with SkyBlock?

3. Do you have discord so I can easily contact you if needed?

4. Do you have schematica (Mod) ?

5. How many hours will you put into SkyBlock a week (doesn't need to be many) ?

6. Last but not least, Describe to me a bit about yourself...

These questions will give me a better understanding of who you are and how u play.

I will try to respond as quickly as possible

Good luck & Thank you :)
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