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Cloud, Moon, Plasma | Quality of Life Content Update

Hey everyone!

We're going to be doing this week's weekly update on Wednesday as opposed to Friday in order to provide a couple important bug fixes, quality of life updates, and an update on the approach we're taking with our upcoming server, Prison Plasma.

Update Details
This update focuses heavily on ensuring that our servers are up to standards in terms of bug fixes, optimizations, and important gameplay decisions to make for a great environment.

Prison Plasma Changes
First and foremost, if you haven't already read about the upcoming release of Prison Plasma, make sure to read about it here. We've seen your feedback, and as a result are making the following gameplay changes to Prison Plasma prior to launch to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The following content, which was previously announced as being part of Prison Plasma, will no longer be enabled based on your feedback:
  • Space Coins
  • Auto Sell Chests
  • Auto Block Chests
  • Mars Hoppers
Due to the focus for both payouts and gameplay being purely on mining and prestiging, we felt it unnecessary to include spawner-related gameplay additions which we're glad to have heard your feedback about and subsequently removed.

On a side note, Ranks, Keys, Pets, and everything else will be available for pre-order for Prison Plasma either later today or tomorrow, we'll make an announcement in Discord when this is live.

Package Confirmations
For a long time, players have faced the issue of having other people purchasing cheap items for them and then charging back in order to get them unfairly banned.

We've completely rewritten the way we handle purchases on our store, and as such are introducing package confirmations, a first step towards increasing our players safety on the server.

When you make a successful purchase, or type the command /confirm, the following menu will open up showing your pending packages:

Hovering over each purchase will give you the key details about it. Clicking on a specific package will open a secondary menu, where you must chose to either accept or decline that purchase:

If there is a purchase you do not recognize, decline it. From here on out, we will be less lenient with how we handle these chargeback bans, as those packages that are accepted by you make you directly responsible for them. Be safe and don't be fooled by the lure of "free items" if you don't know where they're coming from.
Quality of Life Changes
We've made several important bug fixes and additions across Cloud, Moon, and Plasma based on player feedback:
  • Fixed the marriage system
  • When you shift click space coins, it redeems all of the space coins in your inventory
  • When you /is lock, it will no longer kick the alts specified through /is alts
  • Added a toggle in Mars Hoppers for auto-pickup
  • Fixed outpost sell boost not properly working
  • Fixed Discord rank-sync issues
  • Fixed envoys that were not correctly spawning on Moon
  • Fixed an issue where you could use horizontal genbuckets on Moon to generate vertically
  • Fixed an issue where typing /spawn twice instantly teleported you
  • Blocked /warp, /is go, and /home in the warzone
  • Reduced the time it takes to level up inventory pets, from the previous 1x EXP per minute to the new 3x EXP per minute
We're spending so much time behind the scenes continuing to work on our upcoming release of Prison. We have so many big announcements coming soon, in regards to content creators, updates, and more. We'll see you this Saturday at 3:00 PM EST for release, it'll be a blast. As always, continue to give feedback through #suggestions in Discord and we'll make the necessary adjustments based on player feedback.

Best Regards,