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First off you are a bad person for leaving us...
but I guess it is for the better.
You have pulled this server together for six years which is basically half of my life, I have had so many good times on this server with fellow players that also agree. After six years it will be hard to forget the person who knew how to run a server like no other (even though factions reset got assfucked) but besides that its been a great run. I hope life treats you well in the future and come back on sometimes por favor. Thank you for everything that you have done for this server and you will never be forgotten.
Thank you.
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Oh, this is actually depressing..

@Dotapurex1 I‘m sure it‘s the best option you have, and i’m really grateful for you creating my favorite server of all time. You might not have been the most active server owner there is, but you most certainly have my respect.
You‘ve kept the server running smoothly for the last few years, which brings me to the point; will Jelly be taking over the server or not?

I don‘t know what to type here, so fuck Trump i guess
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Honestly thought this was literally a joke. Lmfao... Looked discord and saw harry as owner rank so idk what to really believe xd I guess it’s time for Dota to make a post????


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I'm going to miss Dota, but I trust that Harry will do what it takes to revive this server. I remember when I was back on CometPvP and vortex was about to be born. Good memories :').
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