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Announcement Double Weekend, Scratch Cards, Lottery & Discord Syncing!


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Hey everyone!

As a thank you for your guys constant support we will be holding a limited edition weekend event. Currently every vote you make or ad you will watch will count as 2. We are also selling a buy 1 get 2 special on monthly crates. Check out now!

Now let's get to these updates!

Scratch Cards
Now available on cloud / comet are scratch cards in packs of 5 or 10 allowing you to have the chance to win better loot.

Upon clicking a green tile it will change to display an item that could be your reward. If all three items you select are the same you will receive the item.

We have also released a new lottery system that is more suited for our community.

We realised that all players have different spending limits and we wanted this to be more enjoyable for everyone. Each ticket has a different price point and players can chose to compete in each prize pool or just in one.
Discord Syncing

Simply type /syncdiscord in-game and you will be given your token to sync your account to our discord server.​

Bug Fixes
As well as all of these content updates we've been working on constantly improving the experience by fixing all the bugs and implementing your suggestions on how we should improve.

  • Added racism filter to auto monitor chat to try and remove general toxicity
  • Added global mail
  • Overhaul'd the discord bot and improved functionality
  • Discord bot now supports tickets. !new to open one
  • Added Forum rank syncing
  • Fixed some basic formatting issues with chat
  • Added /request, a global command to get the attention of staff if you need assistance
  • Fixed being able to steal people’s tnt even if it’s in their territory using tnt paper
  • Enabled the ability to use colour formats in private messages to users
  • Added creeper eggs and slabs to shop
  • Fixed typing /tntfill while holding tntpaper, it will clear the amount of tnt from fx. (no.) to "nanx"
  • Fixed being able to kill faction members with multishot
  • Fixed being able to tp glitch through walls
  • Fixed shift clicking items out of chests
  • Added a price to mine spawners to prevent factions from mining out to save themselves from raids.
  • Disabled bow boosting
  • Added melon slices to shop
  • Increase hopper transfer so hoppers don't clog up after restart
  • Fixed duplicate / buggy gens from start of map
  • Improved and optimized printer to hopefully work more reliably now
Once again I would just like to say thank you to everyone for your continuous support of the server, we hope you enjoy these new updates
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