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What is your ign?: dylanbyrne4545

Staff members IGN: Averaged

Reason of ban: Insiding on factions

Why should you be unbanned?:
i should be unbanned because I am new to this server from watching fin and thought it was a good faction servers to play throughout the following months so I bought a rank for the first time in my minecraft career. I am also really friendly as I congratulate a guy in chat for buying a rank. I also read through all the rules before I played the server. During getting my rank I got a invitation to a faction by the owner, he wanted to join me or me join him, so I joined him. It started of good by giving him igs which were the first ones and lots of tools aswell. I was very good in the faction, I organised some chest, build a tnt+obby safe chests to store the materials for main and raiding. I got treated very bad for doing everything so I annoyed so I checked the rules and found out there wasn’t a rule that you couldn’t inside a faction so I did. I took all the spanner’s I gave up from my keys I bought and the picaxe I gave up aswell

I don’t really think this was a fair ban as there was no rule about insiding on factions and if there was I would of not done it

Thank you to whoever reads my appeal and find it in my favour, I really don’t mind waiting until get next season just want to keep playing this faction server.

Thank you for your time


Dylan Byrne
I just saw your response there, I didn’t see this rule at the time. I am truly sorry about what I have done to the faction I was in and the staff that had to read my ban appeal in their time. I will message you later @Averaged when I finish my exam.