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Everything wrong with Skyblock V2 from ur boy Lil Auto Chest

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Whats up boy's its me Lil Auto chest aka Highly Aka Highy aka Highree today we are about to expose lilcharlesx's Arctic realm.

Space Coins
Before the map started we were told Space Coins would be "worth grinding" this map and would be "op" - lilchalresx. But space coins are the most useless thing to grind as the island who has a combined total of 100,000 mob kills to get nothing worth the hours we grinded.
The absolute garbage rates of getting space coins make it impossible to get anything from Traveling Trader we grinded with Outpost, MM3 and, a space coin pet to get nothing for it. Everything in the /spacecoin and in the Traveling Trader are way overpriced for the amount of space coins per hour.
1,200+ space coins per hour. This 1,200 per hour is only met if you are constantly kill mobs for the full hour but that becomes impossible with limiting factors such as Entity clear and the lack of spawners to sustain a constant rate mobs to kill. Hypothetically if the rates were perfect and yo could kill constant mobs it would take 2+ hours of grinding for 1 Auto Sell collector only 1 when most farms require 16+ just to start making a cane farm.
Spawner Crates, by far the only useful item in /spacecoin because everything else there is useless. Big islands the people who are actually play the server and will be willing to grind mobs 24/7 need 5 Things Villager spawners, Auto block Chests , Iron Golem spawners, AFK aliens and most important of all AUTO SELL COLLECTORS.
Lastly Space Coin Generators create way more space coins then they should compared to the amount you can grind you should ALWAYS have manually grinding something better then something you can AFK and just get for free. Its Extremely P2W if someone can just buy 2 space coins generators and make more space coins per hour then you if you were to grind it out manually at max odds.
Space Coin Suggestions:

  • Increase Drop Rates (The current 1200 per hour is trash as much don't you want to admit it lilcharlesx i don't think you know how long an hour is)
  • Decrease Prices of all items in the space coin shop
  • Add Auto sell collectors to spacecoin shop for 600 space coins each (2 Per hour)
  • Add Comet Keys to spacecoin shop for 600 Each (2 per hour, same price before they were removed)
  • Add AFK Aliens to spacecoin shop (1,000 each)
  • Remove all Animal spawners from spawner crate or just remove the crate and allow people to buy base Witches / IG's from the space coin shop.
  • Nerf Space coin generators
  • Traveling Trader should have Generators of all type, Lootboxes and a reduced price or cheap bundle deals of the USEFUL things in the space coins hop or even base spawners.
  • Add Pouches to spacecoin shop.

Economy And Pay To Win
The current Economy is a cane which requires Auto Sell collectors. Currently in game there is no way to get an auto sell collector. As suggested above allow players to get them from space coins or even /shop. The one item NEEDED to compete in the server is blocked by a buycraft store. You could say just use crop hoppers but if u were to use crop hoppers you would need to spend tens of millions on hoppers just to have a storage system from the cane.
The quick change from cane selling for $2 per to $3 per has buffed cane to the part where cane is ALLOT better then Iron Golems spending 60mil and 16 AS collectors to make a 4x4 cane farm that will produce you around 80k per minute but spending 60mil and 1 AS collectors on 30 IG's will make you 10k per min a HUGE limiting factor is an Auto Sell collector and the willingness to make the farm. I personally would love to print in cane farms 24/7 but I cant as I have no AS collectors. Other competing islands who spent money on AS collectors have a huge advantage as they can print as many cane farms as they want and simply pay to win.
The economy is way to AFK based. You just place spawners and afk or make a cane farm and afk. Give me something to do thats worth my time SOTW
Fishing does not provide money a competing island needs. Space coins need a buff. Give me something else to do.
Economy Suggestions:

  • Increase iron sell price
  • Add AS collectors to shop
  • Add Crop collectors with more storage they do on factions
  • Add another way to Auto sell like old maps (Sell Alien?) (Auto Sell chest?) (Ultimate hoppers?)
lilcharlesx people already spent the money they are going to spend this map. buff manually grinding so I can out grind these p2w kids add a way to get AS collectors legit buff space coins fix economy and give me staff thx.
Ill make a huge suggestion post later for big things!
-Lil auto chest out