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•== Factions Rules ==•

•== By playing on vortexpvp you agree to adhere to the following rules ==•

•== These rules serve in addition to the global rule set ==•

•==Please note with the introduction of f-top rewards punishments may be applied faction wide or include a faction disbanding==•

Hacked clients / Cheating

  • Hacked clients are not permitted
  • Mods that give you an advantage over other players are not permitted
  • Abusing bugs to gain an eco advantage or faction advantage is not permitted
  • Using macros to AFK farm or auto sell is strictly prohibited
  • Glitching into bases in any way is not permitted , this includes any form of pearl glitching as well.

Base modifications / Clients/ Payout rules

  • Bitch claims are not permitted ( any claim that prevents a faction from claiming out a full 25 chunk buffer during the first week will be removed )
  • Buffers over 25 chunks from base wall are not permitted
  • Modifying your base or walls in a way that makes conventional raiding impossible is not permitted.
  • Placing cob webs or torches on walls is not permitted
  • Using tnt detectors, raid detecting clients or automated wall check bots is strictly prohibited ( any sand wall found with redstone will be removed )
  • All Value must be placed in one central location, not small bases or small sets of claims scattered throughout the map
  • You must place spawners 24 hours before ftop payout winners are announced. Place before Friday at 6pm in order to qualify on Saturday at 6pm.
  • Any removal of spawners while being raided is not allowed. Unless the raiding faction has stopped firing for 10 minutes.
  • Gen patching is strictly prohibited while being raided. You may gen patch once the raiding faction as stopped firing for 10 minutes.
  • Claiming Corners , Factions are allowed 1 corner per world. Anymore than 1 corner claim in the same world will result in removal.

PvP Based
  • Logging out of while Combat Tagged to prevent the loss of items / head is prohibited. (will remove rule once combat loggers come back)
  • Using lightning wands to kill players through walls is considered glitching.

Botting, Scripting or Automated Work

Any form of botting, scripting, automating or using macros is strictly prohibited on Factions.
These are not allowed.
  • Spam Public Chat, Messages, Creating Factions and Disbanding them
  • Mining, Farming, Selling or Scripting
Insiding is strictly prohibited.
  • Insiding includes taking spawners, gear, chest items, and faction balance that don’t belong to you, unclaiming land so another faction can claim, and purposely getting your faction raided.
  • Factions have the ability to /f log and /f inspect.

**Punishments may vary depending on the situation.**

Please make sure to read up on our updated cannon rules! > Faction Raiding Rules
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