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Factions Impending Reset [$800] Paypal /Buycraft FTop Payout

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Faction Reset Changelog

A brand new factions map is on its way! We have been working extremely hard to bring you the most content possible to enhance your gameplay experience. keep in mind that many of these newly added features and changes might stir up some bugs that will be fixed asap! Please report any newly discovered bugs to a staff member or post it in the bug section on the forums.

Paypal prizes is one of the most suggested Ftop payouts and we're willing to give it a try. Keep in mind that, any large payouts would greatly complicate the chances of other players being able to win any future payouts. so we're keeping it small at this time. If this goes well, we will continue to do it for future maps and perhaps increase the amount.

NOTE: All the changes are not yet set in stone! Anything newly added or changed will be highlighted in green with a (NEW) tag. It is not too late to share your thoughts or suggest any changes! Also, faction maps will be shorten down to around 2 months per reset.

Staff applications are opened! You can apply here.

Reset Date: May 19, 2018 @ 5PM EST
Grace Period: 7 day grace period (TNT & Creeper explosion disabled) Ends on May 26, 2018 @ 11:59PM EST

  • Ftop Prize Payouts:
    • #1. $300 Paypal, $150 Buycraft
    • #2. $150 Paypal, $100 Buycraft
    • #3. $50 Paypal, $50 Buycraft
  • New World
  • New Spawn
  • New Koths
    • 2 Koths close to the spawn
  • World Sizes:
    • Overworld: 10,000 x 10,000
    • Nether: 5,000 x 5,000
    • End: 4,000 x 4,000
  • Faction Additions:
    • Faction Vaults
      • The leader can purchase and place a chest down in their own territory claim. It can then be accessed with "/f vault"
      • Command: (/f vault, /f getvault)
    • Faction Banks
      • Allow faction members to withdraw and deposit money into a faction bank
      • Command: (/f money)
    • Faction Clickable map claim
      • /f map (Ability to claim faction land by clicking on the map)
    • Faction Permissions
      • Allow the leader to customize what permission a specific faction group can have access to (Build, Destroy, Chest etc...)
      • Command: (/f perm)
    • Faction Fly
      • Fly will no longer be disabled when you relog or the server restarts
      • Your flight will automatically be enabled when you enter your own faction claim
      • Players without the permission to fly will have 1 week to fly after reset
      • Command: (/fly)
    • (NEW) Increased player power from 40 to 60
    • (NEW) Increased faction member limit from 50 to 75
    • (NEW) Can only have 1 Truce, 1 Ally, Infinite enemies
  • GenBuckets Re-worked (Now works with Schematica)
    • Features:
      • Horizontal GenBuckets (Cobble, Obsidian, Dirt and Netherrack)
      • Vertical GenBuckets (Cobble, Obsidian, Dirt and Netherrack)
    • Cannot be fixed while in combat
    • Command: (/gb, /genbucket)
  • Added CraftWands
    • Clicking this wand on your chest will turn all ingots into blocks and nuggets into ingots
  • Added TNTFillPaper
    • Left/Right-clicking the paper on a chest will load all TNT into the paper
    • Left-clicking the paper in the air or on a dispenser will distribute the TNT evenly in a radius of 25
    • Right-clicking the paper on a dispenser will unload all TNT in a radius of 25
    • Purchase this in the custom in-game shop (/cshop)
  • Added Wall Cleaners
    • Left/Right-click the sand / gravel to remove all blocks downwards (Cleans left over sand stacks from raids)
  • Added Tray Pickaxes (Sizes 3x3, 5x5 and 7x7)
    • This pickaxe allow players to remove excess blocks when base building without breaking other surrounding blocks (Breaks dirt and netherrack blocks)
  • Added New Spawner Plugin
    • You will be charged for mining a spawner after being placed for 1 minute
    • Players with permission to mine spawners will now require to use a pickaxe again
    • Removed only being able to break spawners with your fists
    • Reduced the percentage of spawner being dropped from explosions
  • Added ChargeCreeper tool
    • Allow you to empower a creeper to increase blast radius and block damage
  • (NEW) Added ChunkBusters
    • Allows a player to completely remove all blocks within a chunk in seconds!
  • (NEW) Added Spawner Stacker
    • Allow players to stack spawners inside of each other of the same type
    • Usage: Right-Click the placed spawner with the same type you're holding
  • (NEW) Added MobStacker
    • Mobs that are close together will merge as one
  • (NEW) Improved chunk loading radius for crops
    • Crops should now grow in more than 1 chunk of the player
  • (NEW) Fixed spawners not breaking upon explosion impact on the east/west side
  • (NEW) Fixed slabs breaking upon explosion impact when placed next to Obsidian
  • Minor adjustments to shop prices
  • Minor adjustments to crate items and percentages
  • Lowered blast resistance of Obsidian from 10 to 5
  • Optimizations
    • TNT Optimizations
    • Disabled Visible Explosions (Reduces client-side Lag)
    • Invisible TNT (Reduces client-side Lag)
  • Not Allowed Cannons: (Breaking these rules will result in a permanent ban)
  • Allowed Cannons:
What will reset:
  • The Map
  • Vtokens
  • Inventories, Enderchests & Vaults
  • Player Balance
  • Player Homes
  • McMMO Credits
  • McMMO Levels
What won't reset:
  • Global Ranks
  • Global Titles
  • Current Votes
  • Permanent Kits (Battleset, Frosty, Spooky, Miner Kit)
  • Faction Powerboost
  • Particle Trails
  • AdPoints
  • Cosmetics
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Finally. im ready to fuck up the sotw. GANG MUSIC COMING BACK BOYS @d5money @luxzy07 @Garison @indianapop @nedy @droppingframes @gallagator @jacal/legallybald @buyspooker


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Change the economy. Shits boring and has been IG for ages.
Buff melon,cane and pumpkin but not allow auto farms.
put a koth in end
Disable the cancerous alchemy mcmmo pots
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Sick and tired of everything that you say. Enjoy your permanent ban.
Well that’s hella good thank god.

So many changes, I wish factions luck this reset as this should bring in so many new players and bring in better competition. Oof, Wyvern2.0 hitting it down!!!


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What a legend ahah.

I don't think any amount of paypal rewards would be good for this server, I think they should just keep it buycraft
100% agree its nice but people who play here don't care for playing competitively its more of a chill server.
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