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Hey everyone,

We're well aware that the previous couple maps of Factions were not up to the standards both the leadership team and community are used to, in that they didn't address several fundamental issues that the community has long complained about.

Season Five marks a change to that, with the content and tweaks this season being completely based around feedback from faction players, suggestion threads, and more. If there's something you're unhappy about, let us know in this week lead-up to release. If there's mass feedback about how something won't fit well with the server, or needs changing, we're ready to make that change to better this next map and make it the best Vortex has seen.

Vortex has always at its core been Factions, and we hate to see it suffer as our least popular gamemode. Let's change that, and have an awesome map of Moon based entirely around what you as a community want, both in high competition and server quality, starting this upcoming Saturday.

As always, we communicate actively with the community on Discord, so make sure to join that to stay up-to-date on everything Vortex related! Let's jump into the reset details...

Factions Moon releases September 14th, 2019 at...
3 PM EST / 12 PM PST / 8 PM GMT

For any other timezones, type "3PM EST" into Google, and the appropriate time will be displayed based on your location.

Server Details
The following information are the basic server details for our upcoming reset. To see new features, keep scrolling until you see the "Features" section.

Factions Top
We're sticking to the same F-Top payouts as Season Four, with increased prize pools to support the fourth and fifth top factions! Payout screenshots will be taken every Saturday after the first week grace period at 6PM EST. You can check standings using /f top or the #moon-top channel in Discord.

All vouchers will now expire the week after they are handed out. You must redeem them towards items on the server you win them on by that next week or they will be useless. The last week of voucher payouts will be active until the start of the new season. Rewards are subject to change each map, but we're sticking with the following for the three weeks of payouts this map will have:

#1 - $175 PayPal + $150 Voucher
#2 - $100 PayPal + $75 Voucher
#3 - $75 PayPal + $50 Voucher
#4 - $25 Voucher
#5 - $17 Voucher
Base Roof Design Competition
Want to win some store vouchers to get free loot boxes, crate keys, and more? We're hosting a base roof design competition in season five. The winners will get as follows:
#1 - $25 Voucher
#2 - $15 Voucher
#3 - $10 Voucher​

Winners will be picked and announced a week after the map starts, on the same day that TNT enables. Best of luck, and we look forward to seeing some awesome designs.

What is being reset?
Below is a list of gameplay elements that will be cleared with the upcoming reset:
  • Your Faction data
  • mcMMO Credits
  • Your Balance
  • Personal Data
    • Enderchests
    • Private Vaults
    • Inventories
    • Chests
    • Any non permanent perks or items
What is not being reset?
  • Unlocked Kits
  • Donator Ranks
  • Any permanent perks or items
  • Overworld - 5,000 x 5,000
  • Nether - 5,000 x 5,000
  • End - 5,000 x 5,000
  • Asteroid - 5,000 x 5,000
Nether, End, and Asteroid are all flat worlds. There are a total of 16 corners in this reset with the new Asteroid world being made available again.

Map Length
  • Week One - Grace Period
  • Week Two - First Payout
  • Week Three - Second Payout
  • Week Four - Final Payout & End of Map
Let's get straight into all the new features and quality of life changes we've made for this upcoming reset, a lot of which has been suggested directly by you guys using the #suggestions channel in Discord! We encourage you to keep leaving feedback through that medium of communication, as it's very easy to gauge how the community enjoys or dislikes certain suggestions using reactions.

New Factions Plugin
We've used a plugin called MassiveCraft for as long as we can remember, which is an outdated Factions plugin that hasn't received meaningful updates in years outside of the modifications we have had to personally make. We're switching to a much newer plugin with this reset, which is far better in the following areas:
  • Easier faction permission management
  • Simple command structure more in-line with most other servers
  • Very easy on our end to add new features to better gameplay in the form of content updates
You can see the new commands and changes by typing /f to see a list of commands, once the new season is live.

Unbreakable Chunks & East/West Cannoning
There have been several instances over recent maps where users had to move their cannons to different areas due to an issue with our obsidian breaker system. This system in some cases prevented certain pieces of obsidian from taking TNT damage despite direct hits.

This system has completely been re-done to prevent this issue from happening. In addition, we've established a team of Faction specific admins ready to efficiently handle issues and monitor gameplay.

Additionally, we've spent countless hours working to fix cannon issues with east/west cannoning. After testing, we're happy to report these issues have been patched and any issues additionally discovered are ready to be patched once TNT enables.

PvP Inventory Pets
Inventory Pets are good in concept, but as we've learned, the PvP related ones have pretty much ruined any fun for people that don't have them.
PvP related Inventory Pets have been completely removed. The following pets will still be available through the store and loot tables:
  • Pig Pet
  • Pufferfish Pet
  • Sheep Pet
  • Rabbit Pet
The following pets have been removed:
  • Iron Golem Pet
  • Big Foot Pet
  • Bull Pet
  • Lumberjack Pet
  • Robinhood Pet

Protection Six
With the introduction of the global Galactic rank, a protection six set of armor was introduced to the server. We've heard your complaints regarding how unfair this is to PvP, and are happy to announce that in addition to the removal of PvP inventory pets, we are completely removing anything protection six.

As such, Galactic will now get protection five armor instead, but it will come with custom enchantments to still make it better than the next highest rank, Moon.

New Economy
As with Cloud, Moon has gotten to a point where the only thing that matters is Iron Golem spawners.

With Season Five, we're making adjustments to both sell prices and placement values in order to make for more types of spawners to be used for competition.

We're not introducing any new spawners yet, however this may come in future seasons similar to Cloud. Let us know if that's something you'd be interested in, however it depends on how the current changes go with this next season.

Strict Faction Guidelines
As mentioned above, there will be a team of staff dedicated to ensuring a fair and high quality playing experience on Moon.

Additionally, we will be out with a strict set of rules and guidelines that all players will have to follow. Once this thread is finalized we'll update this thread with a link to it.

/f tnt bank & /f tntfill
Two new commands have been added to our new Factions plugin to help make raiding as efficient as it can be.
  • /f tnt bank - You can now store TNT that can be used across all faction members, as well as change your internal permissions as to who can deposit/withdraw it
  • /f tntfill - You'll be able to use this to command to fill nearby dispensers with any TNT that remains in your TNT bank

Destroy The Core Event
A community suggested event has made its way onto Season Five. Introducing Destroy The Core!

Destroy The Core will be hosted by either staff or on an set interval (every x hours), and is an event where an obsidian block will spawn on a platform near /warp pvp. Once the event starts, there will be a hologram displayed above this obsidian block, displaying how many breaks your faction has.

The first faction to break the obsidian block 100 times will win prizes.

Sand Alts
Placing sand alt spawn eggs will place an NPC. These NPCs can be used to automate placing sand around your base. The sand alt will have three options when right-clicked:
  • Start - Starts placement of the sand
  • Retrieve - Puts the bot back into his spawn egg and stores it in your inventory
  • Stop - Halts placement of the sand
Sand Alts when started will place sand in the surrounding area (8 blocks in every direction from where you placed the egg) under every glowstone block.

Loot Boxes
We're introducing the same loot box system we added to Cloud and Plasma onto Moon. For those not familiar with how Loot Boxes work, read below for a quick run down:

Each lootbox opened can give you up to 13 unique rewards. You will always receive 8 guaranteed unique rewards (4 rewards from the Random Rewards category and 4 rewards from the Bonus Rewards category).

When you open a lootbox, you have a chance to hit the jackpot. If you hit the jackpot, every item under the "Jackpot Rewards" section will be given to you in addition to your other rewards.

As an example, this is the Loot Box we're currently offering on Plasma -- you can expect something similar on Moonwith tweaked rewards to suit Factions gameplay and content:

Galaxy Pass Changes
The Galaxy Pass was a great concept, however the challenges and rewards inside of it were not the right fit for what we intended it to be. As such, we're reworking the challenges to fit more in line with direct Factions gameplay, as well as making the rewards far better with more challenging subsequent missions.

As a reminder, all Galactic rank holders get the galaxy pass completely free of charge on all three of our servers. With future resets, the galaxy pass will be adjusted on the other two servers as well.

Postman Pat
Postman Pat has made his appearance on Moon! You can visit him at Spawn and right-click him to send packages to your friends, check your current mailbox, and upgrade the slots on your mailbox.

This is extremely useful if you need to give your friends items when they're offline, and you can upgrade your mailbox slots up to 54 for only $1,000,000.

We've significantly buffed voting rewards. In addition to the existing rewards, you will get a vote key for every site you vote on.

Vote Keys are obviously not as good as our three other keys that we offer on our store, but you can still win valuable rewards from them such as mob and crop hoppers.

Faction Upgrades
Typing /f upgrade will open a GUI listing potential faction upgrades you and your faction can purchase to get significant boosts while in your faction territory.

Once purchased, you can unlock boosts for the following perks:
  • Haste
  • EXP Earned
  • Sand Alt Limit

Optimized Printer
People in recent seasons have been constantly getting kicked while printing, even at extremely low settings. We're working to get this patched and allow for a smooth printer experience.

Additionally, we've enabled printing from Badlion Client. To anyone that uses that, you should now have no issues with that returning with errors or kick messages.

With our new duels system, you'll be able to select a kit to fight with, what you wish to wager, a specific player (or randomized queue), and various other match settings prior to fighting.

This expands the types of fights available to not only just sumo, but also various other PvP related fighting kits including god sets with custom enchantments.

Here's all the additional changes / updates we've made with this reset that don't have a section above but are still very important:
  • Envoys rewards revamp
  • Added an event key for winning certain events
  • Fixed certain issues with lag while PvPing
  • Rebalanced space coin store prices
  • PvP enchantment balancing changes
  • Disabled /fix from being used in combat
  • Fixed sprint randomly stopping due to custom enchantments
  • Fixed an issue with certain potions randomly disappearing
  • Nerfed event gear due to removal of Protection Six
  • Added Custom Enchants to event gear and weapons
  • Fixed an issue preventing TNT paper from working properly
  • Allowed creeper eggs to be placed on spawners
  • Added a faction strike system (with guidelines mentioned above)
We want this map to be one of our best yet. We're working so hard to make changes the community actually wants, in an effort to revive what used to be our largest server. We're going to do our hardest to spread the word and encourage more competition, and we encourage you to do so as well. See you on Saturday!

Best Regards,
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Looks good and its nice to see your looking at our suggestions. But why was Event gear nerfed ? If you want to encourage pvp at koth the event gear should be buffed from p5 to p6 as right now its equal to the galactic rank + moon rank gear which means there is no point of getting the Event armour when its the same as /kit gear. Event armour should be made the ONLY p6 armour which means its good and hard to get making it more valuable. This means pvp at koth will be more encouraged.