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Hey guys,

It's finally time for the third season of Factions Moon! As with our recent Skyblock reset, we've made many useful updates and similar quality of life improvements to keep Moon on the same standard of quality you're used to. Read below for both a full look at what our Moon reset entails, as well as some sneak peaks of Prison at the bottom of this thread!

As always, we communicate actively with the community on Discord, so make sure to join that to stay up-to-date on everything Vortex related! Let's jump into the reset details...

Factions Moon releases June 22nd, 2019 at...
3 PM EST / 12 PM PST / 8 PM GMT

For any other timezones, type "3PM EST" into Google, and the appropriate time will be displayed based on your location.

Server Details
The following information are the basic server details for our upcoming reset. To see new features, keep scrolling until you see the "Features" section.

Factions Top
We're sticking to the same F-Top payouts as Season Two, with increased prize pools to support the fourth and fifth top factions! Payout screenshots will be taken every Saturday after the first week grace period at 6PM EST. You can check standings using /f top or the #moon-top channel in Discord.

All vouchers will now expire the week after they are handed out. You must redeem them towards items on the server you win them on by that next week or they will be useless. The last week of voucher payouts will be active until the start of the new season. Rewards are subject to change each map, but we're sticking with the following for the three weeks of payouts this map will have:

#1 - $175 PayPal + $150 Voucher
#2 - $100 PayPal + $75 Voucher
#3 - $75 PayPal + $50 Voucher
#4 - $25 Voucher
#5 - $15 Voucher
What is being reset?
Below is a list of gameplay elements that will be cleared with the upcoming reset:
  • Your Faction data
  • mcMMO Credits
  • Your Balance
  • Personal Data
    • Enderchests
    • Private Vaults
    • Inventories
    • Chests
    • Any non permanent perks or items
What is not being reset?
  • Unlocked Kits
  • Donator Ranks
  • Any permanent perks or items
  • Overworld - 5,000 x 5,000
  • Nether - 5,000 x 5,000
  • End - 5,000 x 5,000
  • Asteroid - 5,000 x 5,000
Nether, End, and Asteroid are all flat worlds. There are a total of 16 corners in this reset with the new Asteroid world being made available again.

Map Length
  • Week One - Grace Period
  • Week Two - First Payout
  • Week Three - Second Payout
  • Week Four - Final Payout & End of Map
Let's get straight into all the new features and quality of life changes we've made for this upcoming reset, a lot of which has been suggested directly by you guys using the #suggestions channel in Discord! We encourage you to keep leaving feedback through that medium of communication, as it's very easy to gauge how the community enjoys or dislikes certain suggestions using reactions.

Galaxy Pass
We're introducing the Galaxy Pass to Factions (all Galactic rank holders get this completely FREE), a challenge system that rewards you each time a daily challenge is completed, as well as final rewards for completing the entire thing. A new challenge is made available everyday, with 7 being available to start with. Since this season is four weeks long, there will be 35 total challenges available to complete.

Completing the galaxy pass challenges will give you individual rewards, and finishing it completely will give you final, even better rewards. If you purchase the galaxy pass mid-way through the season, you'll have access to all the challenges already unlocked for everyone else in addition to the normal stream of one challenge per day going forward.

A new pass will release every reset with new challenges and rewards. Rewards and types of challenges are subject to change over the course of resets, depending on player feedback. These rewards will include sprays, tags, items, money, and more.
Crate Revamp
We're implementing the same crate revamp we just added on Skyblock Cloud over to Factions Moon. This means brand new, better loot tables, crate re-rolls for those unsatisfied with their rewards, as well as the simplification from five keys to three. The three keys will now be called Crater, Asteroid, and Comet keys.

Depending on your rank, you will have a set amount of crate re-rolls. Re-rolls mean that if you are not happy with the first reward you win, you can re-roll for a chance to win a better, or worse one. Here is the breakdown for ranks and their respective re-rolls:

Crescent - 1 Re-roll
Meteor - 1 Re-roll
Eclipse - 2 Re-rolls
Lunar - 2 Re-rolls
Moon - 2 Re-rolls
Galactic - 3 Re-rolls

Voting will give you a Crater key, capturing a KOTH will give you an Asteroid key. As a result, we've removed the Vote and KOTH crates.

Inventory Pets
Inventory Pets are a massive new addition to Moon, which is sure to make gameplay a bit more interesting and introduce new types of combat to the server. These pets sit in your inventory, with either Passive or Agressive abilities. Passive abilites will be active as long as the pet is in your inventory, while Agressive abilities are activated by right-clicking the pet.

Pets gain experience as they sit in your inventory for longer periods of time. Experience eventually leads to your pet leveling up. At certain leveling milestones for each pet, you will either unlock a better version of that pet's ability, or you will get a random item (or sometimes BOTH). All pets have a maximum level of 100.

We're excited to expand this system in the future with more pets being introduced in future content updates.

Pets can be found in Monthly Crates, regular Crates, Lucky Blocks, the Store, the Galaxy Pass, and much more.

Mars Hoppers
You can now upgrade your regular hopper to a Mars Hopper, which there are two different tiers to. These hoppers will help you further optimize your farms and grinders.

Epic Tier
  • Automatically pick up items in that chunk
  • Transfer items 3x faster
  • Link the hopper to any chest in your claim by shift right clicking and pressing link chest in the GUI
Ultimate Tier
  • Automatically pick up items in that chunk
  • Transfer items 5x faster
  • Shift right click it to open a GUI where you can select two modes:
    • Collect: collects it to a linked chest
    • Sell: automatically sells the items that pass through it

Mining these hoppers will keep them the same tier they were when you upgraded them. You can either upgrade a hopper directly to the Ultimate tier, or go Default -> Epic -> Ultimate.

All donators now have access to /rename on both Skyblock Cloud and Factions Moon! A long requested feature, you can now give your items whatever name you'd like, with any formatting possible in Minecraft!

We've now added a /stats command to view both your personal statistics, and the leaderboards for various events. The following statistics can be viewed using /stats:
  • Blocks Broken
  • Blocks Placed
  • Koths Won
  • Crates Opened
  • Envoys Opened
  • Players Killed
  • Mobs Killed

Space Coins
We're implementing the same space coins discounted prices for donators we've recently added on Cloud, with the following being the breakdown for donators:

Crescent - 5% Discount
Meteor - 10% Discount
Eclipse - 15% Discount
Lunar - 20% Discount
Moon - 25% Discount
Galactic - 30% Discount

Additionally, we've added brand new items to the Space Coins shop with this reset including the much requested crop hoppers. We've also fixed the annoying issue where clicking a stack of space coins makes you manually redeem them 1-by-1, they'll now go all at once.

Performance was a massive focus for this reset, and something we spent quite a bit of time recently working on to ensure that both the initial influx of players on release and the massive toll performance takes when cannons are being used is combatted as best as we can.

This reset introduces a brand new series of patches to our cannon jar, making them faster, more reliable, and ultimately much better to use.

Additionally, we recently had around a day of downtime which we spent upgrading our machine hardware across all servers part of o ur network. This upgrade has resulted in over 200% faster servers, which you should be able to notice on release.

Here's all the additional changes / updates we've made with this reset that aren't deserving of their own section:
  • Added additional, better rewards when you fish
  • Fixed KOTH & Outpost Faction Upgrade not properly working
  • Nerfed mcMMO, as requested
  • Started logging taken/removed items from /f vault into /f log
  • Fixed an issue with the Outpost sell boost
  • If you right click more than 1 spacecoin, you can now redeem them all at once
  • Several performance upgrades to both the cannon jar and servers
  • News NPC will automatically link the 3 most recent announcements
As usual, we're working around the clock to push out these new seasons and updates. We appreciate the continued support, and thank you for playing on Vortex! You'll be seeing several new content creators, as well as tons of new content over the course of the next few weeks. We're just getting started.

P.S. Prison is almost ready! The team just finished planning out both the release itself, as well as several content updates that will be dropped in the weeks after Prison releases. We can't wait to share what we've been working on with you, Prison is such a classic gamemode that will finally have a home on Vortex again. We look forward to sharing progress with you as we have it through Discord and in the next few content updates. See you soon!

Best Regards,


get more staff, there's 0 staff around eu timezones,
also stop adding/removing rules midmap(24h rule) without announcing them,
add a way to prevent people from making random 1 chunk wildy ''bases'' and putting their spawners 1 last second.
Nerf cane(or make it manual grinding(maybe harvester hoes will be usefull) factions should never be an auto cane/cactus eco, rn u can get ftop1 without having any spawners. We got attempted 6 times, none of the factions that tried to raid us had a base with spawners.
(also cane=crophoppers=pay2win lol) Make a rule about cannon claims,
also enable leftshooting(hahalol)
Don't have 4 worlds you're not gonna have 16 comp facs playing I can be 1 week late and still get a corner/makes it x10 more aids to find bases
(buff fishing)
^ what he said, no need for 4 worlds so people can get corners, when all people do is live in shitty 1x1 bases