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Important Factions server rules

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•== Factions Rules ==•

•== By playing on vortexpvp you agree to adhere to the following rules ==•

•== These rules serve in addition to the global rule set ==•

•==Please note with the introduction of ftop rewards punishments may be applied faction wide or include a faction disbanding==•

Hacked clients / Cheating

  • Hacked clients are not permitted
  • Mods that give you an advantage over other players are not permitted
  • Abusing bugs to gain an eco advantage or faction advantage is not permitted
  • Using macros to AFK farm or auto sell is strictly prohibited
  • Glitching into bases in any way is not permitted

Base modifications / Clients/ Payout rules

  • Bitch claims are not permitted ( any claim that prevents a faction from claiming out a full 25 chunk buffer during the first week will be removed )
  • Buffers over 25 chunks from base wall are not permitted
  • Modifying your base or walls in a way that makes conventional raiding impossible is not permitted
  • Placing cob webs or torches on walls is not permitted
  • Using tnt detectors, raid detecting clients or automated wall check bots is strictly prohibited ( any sand wall found with redstone will be removed )
PvP Based
  • Logging out of while Combat Tagged to prevent the loss of items / head is prohibited. (will remove rule once combat loggers come back)
  • Using lightning wands to kill players through walls is considered glitching.

Please make sure to read up on our updated cannon rules!
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