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New Member
IGN : Llun_
Reason : Refusal To SS
Staff Name : OGStaticPanda

I Was False Banned Probbaly Because The Staff Thought I Was Using Hack Client Since I Was Killing Bosses In A Cramped Space ( In My Cell ) . It Was A False Banned , Because I Didnt Use Any Hack Client + I Was Butterfly Clicking ( Since The Boss Doesn Reallly Move And Aiming It Is Easy ) . I Was Given 1 Minutes To Join Discord . I Did Do It But It Was Too Late Because I Disable Open Discord Startup ( Since Its Annoying ) .

I Really Hope The Staff Could Take Action ASAP Because I Was Banned In The First 2 Hours Playing On VortexPvP :(

If You Are Concern About Me Lying . I Have The SS Of My MC While Getting Freeze