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Favorite Song/Album of 2018.


New Member
Hello! A lot of new songs/albums have been dropped in 2018 and since I've memorized all of my songs i would like some of your favorite songs/albums & your opinion on the albums that have dropped this year.

add creative pls
1. Astroworld (Travis Scott) -- Travis Scott's 2nd best work behind Rodeo imo
2. Ye (Kanye West) -- All songs unique, not a single bad song in the album, A top 3 Kanye album
3. Scorpion -- Three #1 songs in this album
4. Tha Carter V -- Wayne at his best, great features and stand-out songs
5. DAYTONA -- Not a single bad song

...2018 is the YEAR for Hip Hop.


Senior Admin
Dan + Shay best artist of all time also every song they have is great so listen to all of them they have 3 albums and i think 2 "singles" they're all on spotify thanks