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What is your ign?: HighlyRated

What server would you like this on?: Factions

Why should we add this?: Grace period on Factions brings nothing to the player base to do for fun. There is KOTH's Outpost but those additions rely on a factor of who has the bigger faction. So here are some Additions That could be fun for the whole player base.

What is the suggestion?:

A revamped token system. A system in the game that relies on the pure grind of a players capability and time. This system will affect the following, custom enchants, server economy and, provide a safer P2W server. This token system will provide 1 token per mob kill (perhaps 2 for blazes, or any custom mob)

Things you can buy with tokens with recommended prices:

Custom Enchants System revamped:
Completely remove the random factor custom enchants now and make them buyable with these new tokens. All custom enchants start at the base level 1 and can be upgraded to there a max level for a set percent more. A custom enchant system like this will avoid first-day god sets as the current one does.

Cook: (Useless enchant in factions) 500 tokens.
Double Catch: (Useless enchant in factions) 500 tokens.
Multishot: 500 base price, 700 to upgrade to level 2 (1200 tokens to get Multishot 2)
Netherskin: 1200 tokens.
Replenish (Remove because of fatty)
Visionary: 400 Tokens.
Agility: 800 base price, 1000 to upgrade (1800 total)
Blazing Touch: 400 Tokens,
Excavation: 500 tokens.
Haste: 500 base price, 750 to upgrade (1250 total)
Ignition: 200 base price, 300 to upgrade (500 total remember you can put this on all pieces of armor)
Jelly: 1000 tokens.
Jump: 600 base price, 1000 to upgrade (1600 total)
Telekineses: 750 tokens.
Fatty: 1000 tokens.
Item seal: 1500 tokens.
Lifesteal: 2000 tokens.
Poison: 1000 base price, 1500 to upgrade (2500 total)
Vibranium: 750 tokens.
Wither Aspect: 1000 base price, 1500 to upgrade (2500 total)

*New enchant ideas

Sword enchant, a chance to increase to get more tokens per mob kill.
Cost 1000 tokens 1500 to upgrade (2500 in total)

Leggings enchant chance to heal you when hit (2% - 4%).
Cost 750 base 1000 to upgrade. (1750 total)

Skilling (Explained use later on post)
Increases McMMO XP gained in all skills while equipped. (2% - 4% more)
Cost: 800 base price, 1000 to upgrade (1800 total)

Water breathing potion effect.
Cost: 600 tokens.

Normal Token shop buyable items:

Crop hoppers: 1500.
7x7 Trench pickaxe: 2000.
10x10 Trench pickaxe: 5000
500x use sellwand: 2000.
God apple: 500.
x8 strength potion: 300.
x8 speed potion: 300.
x8 regeneration potion: 300.
Black Scroll: 500
Transmog Scroll: 500
250x use lighting rod: 750
1x Chunk Buster: 300
3x Epic keys: 1000
250x use sand wand: 500.
Tray Pickaxe: 2500 tokens.
x1 Spooky kit: 5000 tokens.
x1 Frosty kit: 5000 tokens.
x1 Farmer kit: 3000 tokens.

Revamped MCMMO system:

A brand new revamped MCMMO system. This will only affect Mining and excavation. This addition is based on the current MCMMO leveling system but you can get rewards based on what level you are. Here are some examples you can get. The skilling custom enchant will be used for this. Also, All previous level awards will be moved to the next rank unless stated. (Trench pickaxes/shovels will NOT work for this)

Mining Level 1-250
Same as normal
Mining Level 251-500
Starts dropping gun powder when mining blocks

Mining Level 501 - 750
TNT starts dropping

Digger Armor (Protection 3 Unbreaking 2)
Digger Sword (Sharpness 3 Looting 1)
Digger Pickaxe (Efficiency 3 Unbreaking 2)

Mining Level 751 - 1000
Gold drops when mining blocks
Removes gun powder drop
Extremely low chance to find creeper Spawners.

Mining Level 1001 - 1250
Iron drops when mining blocks
A chance to mine up creeper eggs
Removes previous armor/tools set

Miner Armor (Protection 4 unbreaking 3)
Miner Sword (Sharpness 4 Looting 2 Fire Aspect 2)
Miner Pickaxe (Efficiency 5 Unbreaking 3 Fortune 2)

Mining Level 1251 - 1500
Removes gold drop
Diamond drops when mining blocks
Low chance to find Blaze spawners.

Mining Level 1501 - 2000
Increases spawner chances slightly
removes iron drop
Removes previous armor/tools set

Excavator Armor (Protection 4 Unbreaking 4)
Excavator Sword (Sharpness 5 Looting 3 Fire Aspect 2)
Excavator Pickaxe (Efficiency 7 Unbreaking 4 Fortune 3)

Excavation Level 1 - 250
Same as normal

Excavation Level 251 - 500
Lapis Lazuli starts dropping when digging blocks.

Excavation Level 501 - 750
Redstone starts dropping when digging blocks
Ability to dig up rare money pouches.

Borrow Armor (Protection 3 Unbreaking 2)
Borrow Sword (Sharpness 3 Looting 1)
Borrow Shovel (Efficiency 3 Unbreaking 2)

Excavation Level 751 - 1000
Lapis Lazuli Blocks start to drop
Removes regular Lapis Lazuli
Extremely low chance to dig up zombie pigman spawners.

Excavation Level 1001- 1250
Ability to dig up elite keys
Ability to dig up 250x sand wands
Removes previous armor set

Bulldoze Armor (Protection 4 unbreaking 3)
Bulldoze Sword (Sharpness 4 Looting 2 Fire Aspect 2)
Bulldoze Shovel (Efficiency 5 Unbreaking 3 Fortune 2)

Excavation Level 1251 - 1500
Removes redstone drop
Adds redstone block drop
Extremely Low chance to dig up enderman spawners

Excavation Level 1501 - 2000
Increases spawner chances slightly
Ability Dig up Chunk Busters
Removes previous armor/tools set

Unearthed Armor (Protection 4 Unbreaking 4)
Unearthed Sword (Sharpness 5 Looting 3 Fire Aspect 2)
Unearthed Shovel (Efficiency 7 Unbreaking 4 Fortune

Alongside these changes nerf reclaim MCMMO credits as well as MCMMO pouches.

Thank you for considering and reading this suggestion. Big thanks to CarterKazz for helping me with some ideas within this post. Also feel free to add edits or suggestions to this post.
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