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Ghostbuters Where ya @?


New Member
So it's time for you to shine ay?
Welcome future Ghostbusters to your first mission. Here on VortexPvP we have a lovely event called Ghostbusting.
Point of this is to find every ghost and bust a cap in their socks obviously.
Here are the locations of each ghost on the server Cloud ( Skyblock )
* This one is located right behind spawn, Normally this would be your first ghost. Cant read the coords? > x1481 y174 z318 <
* This is to the left of the Enchanter not hard to find. Coords > x1558 y155 z369
* This is located right behind the man's head ( He sits right next to spawn with his bow and arrows ) Coords > x1508 y212 z282
This one is a pretty tricky one to explain so here are the coordinates x1619 y163 z240
Right under a house roof > x1696 y155 z308
Theres a tree and at the base theres a section thats closed off by a flower > x1657 y161 z362
Secondary island with a big tree it'll be right behind > x1732 y153 z444
Right on the Fairy's wings > x1611 y194 z420
Right behind the waterfall ( 2nd level not the base behind the rainbow ) > x1594 y187 z454
Right under an island ( /spawn and go right till you reach this island ) > x1514 y148 z433
Turn around and go right again this is under the edge of the spawn's island > x1570 y177 z479
Right ontop of the butterfly at spawn ( the yellow one not the blue one. . .) x1529 y221 z381

Found the ghosts? Congratulations you got access to the GHOSTBUSTERS title. Go watch the movie :waves:​