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Hey everyone,

Some of you may recognize me from other servers I have owned/worked on or as Harry’s friend. I was also the old developer of VortexPvP & Mythcraft with Harry years ago. Over the years I’ve been around the community since 2011 working on many notable servers but he has called on me to come and help him with Vortex. I’ve known Harry personally for almost 7 years now and I’m happy to step in to help manage the server. Over the next little while I am going to be working on all the issues that are currently happening with the server. A few issues are already outstanding and from what I’m seeing the issues keep persisting. I’m going to be working closely with the management team as we figure out what new content and improvements we can bring to Vortex! Lastly, I would like to say we are going to establish clear channels of communication between the players, staff and management as soon as possible. We want to hear your suggestions and concerns for Vortex and provide you, the community with the best server we can.

We are going to put a man on Mars,
Charles V.